TACAMO HB10 10L TACTICAL DROP LEG BAG Review | 6 Titan Survival Product Review Container Category

TACAMO HB10 10L TACTICAL DROP LEG BAG Review | 6 Titan Survival Product Review Container Category

This 10 Liter (610 cu in) military-style thigh bag is perfect for camping, hiking, hunting, foraging, climbing, cycling, military, army, tactical, airsoft, paintball, traveling, vacation, trips, etc. Measuring in at 11” H x 9” W x 6.5” D when full, it comes with a MOLLE interface on the right pocket, and 9x separate compartments – including a drawstring main enclosure, external pen loops, and a sunglasses pocket.

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Hi guys and welcome to Uh another video for Uh for reviewing a product under titan’s Revival uh this is under the container Category and Next up is a tacoma hp 10 10 liter Tactical drop leg bag so this is what it Looks like so this is also 51 And 98 cents so a drop leg awesomeness So so comfortable on my leg that i Didn’t even know it was there The adjustments are comfortable and easy To accommodate various Sizes You won’t regret getting this bag wow i Love The review on it so again this is what It looks like So for those who are asking what is a Drop leg Bag so this is the one where you attach It into your hips And into your one leg so just like so I’ll show you right now Just like so This one So you’ll attach the belt part into uh In your waist and then the other one is The other strap will be Uh here in your leg There you go I I love how it looks Really really

Nice So again this is the cross body And this is the Drop leg There you go Great Great looking drop leg bag All right so oh So that is What it looks like And For the premium features again for the Survival moral patch included durable Teflon coated waterproof 10000d cordura Nylon Premium ykk zippers used throughout Durable utx buckles used throughout and This is also 10 liter capacity And It’s a molle compatible barb tac pals Webbing on The left pocket And This is perfect for edc Hiking or foraging And it says here there’s tons of room So Here uh the top flag zipper keys or dock Documents or pockets This one Next is a left side molle storage Pouch Here is a front buckled pocket This is a front buckled pocket

Insert Right side buckled storage with two pen Holders And top glasses pocket There you go So it’s a really really nice looking Drop black bag Okay Again this is what it looks like Again the back side mesh padding for Comfort Removable Removable strap Leg straps sorry Three utx d-rings and left or right hip Compatible so if you’re left-handed if You’re more comfortable putting it on The left side then that’s okay Vice versa And again One Probably supporting the wounded warrior Project since 2014 Wounded project warrior project is for Those uh For those who are wounded Uh veterans uh Some of their profits if you will buy a Product for titan’s survival a certain Amount will be donated to the wounded Warrior project to be able to help our Wounded Veterans Yeah so there you go really really nice

All right So the 10 liter tactical drop leg bag is A travel bag addition to your hunting Gear Camping gear or edc edc gear and can Even be used as a lightweight fishing Bag so whether you’re using this Waterproof bag as part of your camping Accessories fishing accessories or even As part of your military gear the Premium features won’t let you down So for the product features Uh tacoma hp 10 tactical drop black bag From titan survival is guaranteed for Life and features the highest quality Materials and components available Which is the teflon coated 1000d Waterproof cordura nylon heavy duty Stitching ykk glove friendly zippers on All compartments Duraflex utx buckles throughout and um Hook and loop Morel patch surface with free titan Survival morale patch This 10 liter military uh Thigh bag is perfect for camping Hiking Hunting Sorry about that one I just put my Charger on my laptop sorry uh by the way Again Um Where am i oh yeah so this is actually

Um A thigh bag Let’s let’s just go back to that one This is a fire bag perfect for camping Hiking hunting foraging climbing And Cycling military army tactical airsoft Paintball Traveling vacation trips etc so Measuring in at 11 by nine by 6.5 when Full and it comes with a molle interface On the right pocket and nine separate Compartments including a draw drawstring Main Enclosure external pen loops and a Sunglasses pocket So the Talkabout10lhb10 is designed to be both Functional and comfortable in addition To the many premium features and Components This model also includes adjustable Waist leg straps also removable as well As Three integrated d-rings and honeycomb Hip padding to keep things comfortable On long hikes And hb10 is perfect complement To your edc gear or tactical gear with The reinforced bar tack palace webbing For mole attachments on the left side Pocket making it perfect for all of your Perfect Ah sorry perfect for all of your

Favorite small form survival gear which Is Mini me first aid kits fire kits boo boo Kits and paracord bags So for the hp 10 product specs Brand is tacoma material is 1000 d top One coated cordura Uh weight is one pound uh dimensions 11 By nine minus by 6.5 capacity is 10 Liters and compartments 9. So For the reviews out based on five Reviews there is a five First a hundred percent five star review So let me just read a few so this bag is Surprising so i must admit that i had a Specific purpose for this bank when Shopping but things don’t always turn Out as expected I saw it bigger than i realized that it Is not that small to finally admit that There was in fact a lot more room than Expected a real little miracle of Practicality and a hell of a good Surprise that i highly recommend as your Products are always Top Notch so the products are always Top-notch which is really great And it says here fantastic utility bag Fanny packs can only hold so much and Often get in the way not to mention Being uncool I don’t know why fire packs are uncool

Right now but before Back on the day uh fighter packs are way Uh into the Style Anyway the tactical drop leg can bag can Hold everything you need for an Adventure in the woods or just an Afternoon around town and stay secure While walking running or even cycling it Also cleans and dries easily in case you Spill something inside which i know from Experience Worth Every Penny wow So yeah they have a lot of great reviews Which is amazing So again this is a war lifetime warranty This is a u.s veteran owned business Free domestic shipping and easy returns So again this is the tacoma hp 10 liter Tactical drop leg bag for 51.98 For Titan survival so thank you so much for Watching this video and i’ll see you on The next one bye