TACAMO H2 RECHARGEABLE TESLA ARC LIGHTER Review | Titan Survival Product Review Combustion Category

TACAMO H2 RECHARGEABLE TESLA ARC LIGHTER Review | Titan Survival Product Review

This TACAMO H2 Rechargeable Tesla Arc Lighter is the perfect companion for both indoor and outdoor use. The Dual-Head Flame-less Tesla torch allows you to create an Instant-On 2,000 Degree Tesla Arc Flame that can be used to light your campfire, fireworks, or even seal paracord.

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Hi guys and welcome to our third week Video for our review To Our combustion category so our third Product here is takamo h2 Rechargeable tesla arc lighter all right So the price is 36.98 So this is what it looks like There you go Let’s click on that picture and the Features um It has 2 000 degree To 2000 degrees fahrenheit flameless Electric lighter Four Prong horizontal um ceramic electrodes Click on that one Okay High Visibility safety orange color Rubberized coating for easy grief grip And Usb rechargeable Free high visibility ranger beads Included And integrated four mode emergency led Flashlight So that’s on top of this Okay Cool All right So usb rechargeable integrated lithium Polymer battery No flame or fuel required

Full charge in Less than two hours 90 plus eight Second lights per charge Mini usb cable included all right So this is also Weatherproof Weatherproof electric lighter when lid Is closed and locked okay And we improve and flameless Safe to use in inclement weather lights At any angle All right So for the integrated flashlight Waterproof side button Activates lead flashlight 4 modes so off Mode 1 for bright led flashlight Mode 2 Dim led flashlight and mode 3 lead Emergency strobe So for the arc heads it’s two two times Um uses per charge 40 plus Flashlight time 1.5 hours Total charges 300 plus Full charge time is less than 2 hours Voltage is 3.7 And current current is 220 mah And charge voltage is 5 v dc all right Next up is the safety features so the Manual lid safety lid and lock 10 second auto shut off Um ceramic cool touch electrodes Over charging protection Over current protection and no flame or

Flammable gas All right So this one is uh the perfect companion For both indoor and outdoor use the dual Head flameless tesla torch allows you to Create an instant on 2000 degree tesla Arc flame that can be used to light your Campfire fireworks or even seal paracord So the product features um it says here The perfect weatherproof lighter Uh is an advanced dual head plasma torch That creates an instant on 2000 degree Test the arc flame with the press off of A button So the built-in rechargeable Lion uh battery Light iron battery Includes a mini usb charging port Offering endless usage cycles so you can Charge it using your computer car power Bank etc so warning do not touch arc Plasma with your hands as it is very hot So for the integrated lead flashlight Since you’ll always have your h2 plasma Arc lighter with you um we’ve they’ve Integrated very bright three mode Emergency flashlight so that’s right Normal and strobe into the base of the Lighter so utilizing the same battery as The arc flame you’ll never be left Without emergency light again so for a Design for a safety first the tacoma h2 Arc lighter includes safety cap and lock To keep children away from the hot

Plasma A 10 second auto shot of feature And both an overcharging and over Current protection circuit to prevent High temperatures from damaging the Device and also this is a portable Visible convenient the tacoma h2 arc Lighter is both lightweight and Windproof comes in hunter orange to Remain visible on the ground and Included a high visibility ranger bead Lanyard made from patented survivor cord So this lighter is perfect daily indoor Indoor and outdoor use and can be used To light campfires and candles seal Paracord sterilized needles light Fireworks and so much more Alright so let’s see the customer Reviews so based on 32 reviews 97 Percent says it’s a five star so let’s Read some of those So it says here i bought one of these For my son’s birthday and got one for Myself as well Both of us were shocked in a nice way to See how it worked it is amazing and Definitely makes a great gift i was Wondering if i could carry it on a plane So i checked and to my surprise it is Not allowed either in a carry-on or Checked baggage So you can transport an as So you can transport an assault rifle as Check-in but you can’t put a plasma

Lighter in i’m going to check deeper on This because it is really strange all Right And it says your work of art I only have used the lighter twice so Far and it worked great in high winds i Have used the flashlight several times It is bright for a compact size i am Liking this combo two for one All right seems like a cool lighter good To have a variety of different ways to Start a fire this being one of them Definitely gets hot all right Last This is one of the coolest thing i have Ever seen in my life that charge is Super good and it is must And it is a must have for everyone who Loves the outdoors so great reviews for Their Um Tacoma h2 rechargeable tesla arc lighter So again this is 36.98 So thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you on to the next video