TACAMO 15-PIECE EMERGENCY FIRE KIT Review | Titan Survival Product Review Combustion Category

TACAMO 15-PIECE EMERGENCY FIRE KIT Review | Titan Survival Product Review Combustion Category

This TACAMO 15-Piece Emergency Fire Kit comes with all the tools and tinder you need to start or keep a fire going in an emergency. Our kit also comes in a Premium Waxed Canvas Bag for storage, that can also be used as a foraging bag! Available only from TITAN Survival!

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Hi guys and welcome back to our review Uh video Uh second on our list for our combustion Um category is the tacoma 15 piece Emergency fire kit so this is what it Looks like and by the way the price Is 67.98 All right so Actually they have here five items left So they will make sure that You’ll know if you will get a product If they have it like here Okay so this is what the packaging looks Like There you go Fire kit All right so let me click on this video All right so this is what Is Um inside that pouch So let me just go ahead and zoom that in Sharp cloth Magnifying glass There we go All right so what is okay the ultimate Fire making kit so includes premium wax Um canvas storage bag So the canvas storage bag can also be Used For gathering tinder mushrooms or other Survival Needs And a mess kit can be used To boil water in an emergency so the

Mess kit is this one And a 15 piece emergency fire making kit And stainless steel mask kit Alright so here So the fire making tools they have a Collapsible Bellows for nursing the fire back to Life So this is what it looks like And Large 0.5 by 5.5 inches ferro rod From titan survival for starting um Fires rain or shine so that Is it And they have Char cloth tin can This can be used to make more char cloth There Uh five Glass Magnifier Uh five times glass magnifier and ten Times fresnel wallet lens for using the Sun to create a fire Okay And a carbon steel striker with five fit Five feet Of survivor cord in the fob Okay All right So next Here The emergency

Tinder included Uh they have a 30 grams bag of rosinious Fat wood shavings that catch fire easily This one All right And also they have Four pieces of fat wood blocks that can Be used for creating shavings or Featherings There you go And a wax jute rope Can be shaved off with your knife and Helps to create a fibrous bird’s nest This one Okay And a char cloth that Carbonized cotton can be used to catch Lone sparks and nurse a fire back to Life Included included char cloth tin can be Used to make more char cloth there you Go Okay So again what i like about titan Survival is they are supporting the Wounded warrior project Since 2014 So for those who are asking and new to The channel the wanted wounded warrior Project helps Or um if you buy a certain product here At titan survival A a certain percentage will be donated To the wounded wounded warrior project

That Actually helps um wounded veterans uh to For their um Uh um Yeah so there you go Um but yeah this is what i like about it This is what they’re supporting i get i Think this is really really cute really Good All right so let me just go ahead and Scroll down So Um It says here that uh this stainless Steel fire kit comes with a quality of 10 times fresnel lens and five times Round lens that is perfect for starting A fire in sunny conditions and we’ve They’ve also included a number to a Large premium Feral rod with a steel striker to make Sure you can start a fire in any rainy And windy conditions as well And finally they Okay while they didn’t include one in The kit Uh they left You plenty of room for your favorite Tacoma arc or bac lighter so that’s the Easy way to that is covered too And um also this one this kit comes Stock with all of your favorite uh Favorite emergency tinder sources like Uh two

Large pieces of choctaw tinder wax chute Rope Four pieces of fat wood sticks 30 grams Of waxed wood chips and a large folded Piece of char cloth In its own container and you can also Use the included collapsible bellows to Help nurse those campfires back to life So yeah so the product specifications There you go for the dimensions it’s Eight by five by three interest weight Is 1.42 pounds or 646 grams Okay Note due to component supply shortage Of shortages component upgrades or item Additions displayed items may change Color shape or size over time but the Functionality of those components will Always be better than the previous Version we do not downgrade our products Only upgrade so that is very very good So let us scroll down and see The customer reviews so based on 49 Reviews 94 percent says it’s a five star So let me just go ahead and read some of Those to you All right it says here it has everything You need and the bag isn’t nice i would Recommend this to anybody Very good Next uh well well thought out and Packaged well while i haven’t used well

While i haven’t had to use it I have tried the basic items and all Work great it has a permanent place in My hunting day pack Great All right it says here extreme firing Kit a well put together extreme fire Starting kit the container is solid the Contents are Comprehensive Fire starting is a neglected skill for Most people going bush There are two things essential for Survival when things go bad One a good fire Sorry a good first aid kit and the Ability to use it in adverse conditions And number two a good fire starting kit And the ability to use it in adverse Conditions Failure to address either of these Issues will result in bad stuff coming To you and it’s not pleasant and Sometimes fatal which is correct That’s why we are Actually telling telling you guys to Have your own survival kit ready at all Times And one of those will be an emergency Fire kit um should that should have Or that should be in your bags because You’ll never know All right so again the tacoma 15 piece Emergency fire kit is six to seven

Dollars and 98 cents so thank you so Much for watching and i’ll see you on to The next video