Symmetry Principles for Atomic, Molecular, Optical Physics (2018 Spring) – Lecture #26

2018 Spring Physics Lectures from the University of Arkansas – Fayetteville, AR. These videos are a component of the Special Topics graduate course PHYS 588V – “Symmetry Principles for Advanced AMOP” taught using a suit of dedicated online material that includes two texts: “Quantum Theory for the Computer Age” and ‘Principles of Symmetry, Dynamics, and Spectroscopy’, all developed by Prof. William G. Harter. The class provides a geometric approach to many of the topics that come under the AMOP umbrella. Symmetry also will be exploited to help clarify the calculus and physics of wide range of possible molecular motions from that of their electronic, vibrational, rotational motion, and on through to the often neglected molecular spin phenomena. Often the same symmetry principles and techniques lend themselves to better understand both classical and quantum phenomena.

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Lecture #26 “slide” presentation (pdf) file:

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