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Are you having a SweetNight when you lay your head on your pillow after the day is done? The name certainly markets the product as a comforting experience. The company promotes MOLECULE Air-Engineered™ comfort, improved recovery, and a cool sleep, all at a good price point.

SweetNight sells a full range of mattresses and pillows, most of which feature gel memory foam as a main feature. The company sells on Amazon, which is a convenient option for people who prefer to shop there. However, the company does not have a full range of sizes available for all of its beds.

The SweetNight company doesn’t have brand names for its products—its mattresses are named for their height and the materials inside. For example, this review is focused on the flippable 10” gel memory foam mattress. Although this makes it easy to identify the mattress you want, it does speak to a company that may be newer to the marketplace. The price points put the general brand in competition with other budget mattresses.

So will the SweetNight really give you a sweet night? I start my review by describing the layers of the SweetNight one by one to find out.

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