SURVIVORSTEEL FERROCERIUM FIRE STARTER Review | Titan Survival Product Review Combustion Category

SURVIVORSTEEL FERROCERIUM FIRE STARTER Review | Titan Survival Product Review Combustion Category

Forget matches! This specially designed full-sized ferro-rod was manufactured to start fires quickly even when wet. Just scrape our fire starter with the back of your knife, focusing the 3,000 degree sparks towards your birds nest, tinder, or magnesium dust, and generate roaring fires quickly. Guaranteed to spark more than 12,000 times!

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Hi guys and welcome back to another Video in our channel so we will be Reviewing another titan survival product And right now we are on our combustion Um category so first in our list is the Survival still Ferrocerium fire starter so this is what It looks like So the price is 29.98 So this is what it looks like um In In their this is what their packaging Looks like So it’s five by an Half um edc ferrocerium fire starter rod Integrated emergency whistle made with Survival or Survivor cord There you go All right So let me click on this picture Alright so the major features um We they have stainless steel striker This one And integrated high decibel emergency Whistle And Nine feet of braided survivor cord in The handle So this can be used as a paracord Fishing line waxed jute and snare wire And The Size is five by half inches full size

For cerium firestarter Okay So it starts fires fast So it works flawlessly wet or dry Built to last Guaranteed to spark more than 12 000 Times Perfect for bug out bags and emergency Kits Great And for the emergency whistle At 95 decibels you get The attention you need Can be used to scare away animals or Attackers And even works Even when your cell battery is dead all Right So for the survivor cord It has a mil-spec 550 power cord Uh 30 awg snare wire 25 pound fishing line and a waterproof Tinder There we go And Okay let’s scroll down if you want to Watch on how to use the furrow syrian Fire starter you can just go ahead and Click on the video okay So It says here Fire starter is specially designed full Size for cerium rod or ferro rod That is manufactured to start fire

Fires quickly even in a downpour And just scrape the fire starter with The back of your knife focusing 3000 Degrees celsius or 5430 fahrenheit And that sparks towards your bird’s nest Tinder or magnesium dust and generate Roaring fires quickly and guaranteed to Spark more than 12 000 times So it start fires fast Um again the ferro rod was manufactured To start fires quickly to start fire Fires quickly even when wet and just Scrape Their fire starter with the back of your Knife Focusing on a 3000 degree sparks towards the bird’s Nest tinder magnesium dust and Generate roaring virus quickly again Guaranteed to support to spark more than 12 000 times the handle of their um Survivor cord uh Or the ferro rod is woven with nine feet Of titan’s patented patented Um survivor cord and that’s nine feet of Milstein 550 power cord snare wire Fishing line and waxed jute integrated Into the handle that you’ll have quick Access to In a survival situation and the perfect Item to add to your edc and emergency Kits So for the emergency whistle it is

Lightweight high decibel Extremely clear emergency whistle Is securely attached to the end of the Waterproof Survival survivor steel handle and this Compact whistle is always handy and Works perfectly in any emergency Survival situations And Titan is dedicated to providing you with Innovative um High quality Outdoor survival gear and tactical Products from planned camping hiking and Boating trips to unplanned emergency Situations So their focus on superior quality means Superior performance that you can count On So for the product specs uh with the Size the retail package is two inches by 5.25 by 1 inches Size for the ferro rod is 5 By 1.5 inches total weight is 5.5 ounces Or 156 grams and the manufacturer score Is here So let’s just go ahead and scroll down To see The um reviews so based on 135 reviews 93 Says it’s 5 stars so let me just go Ahead and read some of those reviews So it says here i’m liking the two items I have gotten

Um getting ready for some wild winter Camping thank you for all you do follow Me Or us Bought this as a christmas gift from my Boyfriend and it was on his wishlist a Wish list i’m sure he will love it and Big and gnarly will do the job An excellent product and great customer Service i will buy again and recommend This company Another fine another fine piece of kit To add on i am a believer in back Up Your backup always have reserved for Your reserve regardless of what it is Pace or pay p-a-c-e for those who know i Like i like my kit to be able to do as Much as possible having a five by and a Half ferro rod with nine feet of solid 550 and 95 decibel whistle definitely Makes this multi-purpose even has its Own scraper in case you need one so that Is a very good review For their fire starter Ferro rod So again this is what it looks like This is what their package looks like But this is the exact Um product So again this is 20 29.98 So i’ll see you on to the next video Thanks [Music]