SURVIVORCORD WEAPON SLING Review | Titan Survival Product Review Paracord Accessories Category

SURVIVORCORD WEAPON SLING Review | Titan Survival Product Review Paracord Accessories Category

Every element of this single-point sling is made from the highest quality parts. From our 1.25” tube webbing, to our large, HK-style spring-loaded rifle snap clips, to the metal adjustment hardware on both end sections of the sling that won’t snap if you drop your weapon, you can’t go wrong with this product. We’ve also included 2x extra Spring-Loaded Swivel attachments, just to make sure it’ll attach to your favorite Hunting Rifle, AR, Shotgun, Long Gun, or Cross Bow.

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Hi guys and welcome back to Another video here so uh we are on our Third um item for our paracord Accessories category So let’s get into it all right so the Third item here is the survivor cord Weapon sling and this is 44.98 So this is what it looks like There you go Okay And here we go so the ultimate two-point Sling so this is this includes Hk style rifle hooks and spring-loaded Swivel connectors and it is also perfect For your favorite rifle shotgun or Crossbow Also this is woven um from 84 feet of Our of their patented survivor cord and This includes an integrated emergency Pharaoh rod Which is so great All right And let’s click on this one So this is made from survivor cord with A 620 pound military style type 3 550 Power cord Um One One strand of 30 awg Multi-purpose wire Um one strand of 25 pounds monofilament Fission line One strand of waxed fire tinder

Also that there is a blackened stainless Steel adjustment bracelets Like so And integrated Ferro rod 1.5 by 0.5 inches for Emergency campfires This one So great All right Next up here So premium components uh two Uh pieces of large spring loaded rifle Snap hooks Two pieces of spring-loaded swivel clips Adjustable straps fire starter all right And for the dimensions of The this one there you can see already Here This is .5 84 1.2 inches and this one is 1.34 inches And this is 1.27 Inches all right So for the adjustment straps on both Ends of the sling There you go This is 1.2 inches and this one is Overall adjustable length is 48 by 60 Inches there you go So again this is 44.98 So the survival cord um weapons link so The ultim ultimate rifle sling so have You ever been out hunting and suddenly

Been caught in the elements with no way To make fire or create heat well they’ve Got you covered with their new survival Cord weapon sling Adjustable from 48 to 60 inches And this is a high quality Also this is braided rifles thing is Moving from 84 feet of their patented Survivor cord that not only includes Waterproof tinder but also integrates a Small version Of their popular survival survivor steel Ferro rod so that you can make fire rain Or shine So again made with survival cord Originally designed at the request of a Special forces in afghanistan uh titan Survival’s patented survival cord is a 620 pound um Tensile strength paracore that Integrates uh three life-saving Uh Survival strands into military type uh Military Type three 550 paracord waxed jute And tinder and a 25 pound fishing line And 30 awg multi-purpose brass wire So survivor cord is protected by the us K Patents okay purchased by More than 40 000 people worldwide And there simply isn’t a more trusted Power cord available Okay

So we they only use premium components Every element of the single point Ceiling is made from the highest quality Parts from Their 1.25 inches to webbing to their Large hk style spring loaded rifle snap Clips to the metal adjustment hardware On both end sections of the sling that Won’t snap if you drop your weapon and You can’t go wrong with this product They have also included a two pieces of Extra spring loaded swivel attachments Just to make sure it’ll attach their Favorite hunting rifle Um ar Shotgun long gun or crossbow All right And so the braided rifle sling product Specifications Um Let me see here so it’s uh two Pieces of spring-loaded stainless steel Hk style snap clips with integrated clip Holes so that The uh sling can be converted from a Two-point configuration to a single Point configuration so the width is 1.2 Inches the weight is 2 The height rather sorry the height is 2 Inches And Mouth opening is point 84 Inches All right so

Uh it also there’s a two pieces of Spring loaded swivel attachments uncle Maxwell studs not included Can be swapped out with the snap hooks So the width is 1.34 and the height is 1.27 inches so they’re also One piece of integrated mini ferrosim Rod attached to the braided section of The survivor cord and the diameter is Point Five Uh in width Uh length is 1.5 inches so adjustable Length is 48 inches to 60 inches which Is 1.2 meters to 1.52 meters And product weight is 13.5 ounce or that is 385 grams also for the product Dimensions It’s a four by 11 by two inches so this is a 10.16 Centimeters By 27.94 centimeters by 5.08 centimeters All right so based on the 26 reviews 96 Says it’s a five star review and i’ll Just read some of you some of those Reviews for you guys and it says here It’s a five star high quality materials And great craftsmanship super fast Delivery will buy again Another five-star review Awesome sling great addition to my air

Force survival raft rifle whether or not I use for the survivor cord it’s awesome To have it available i especially Appreciated the optional sling Attachments which Fit better for me Super high quality like all of titan Products i couldn’t be more impressed Thanks Another five star says i’ve used it in The field and it’s amazing stuff i’ve Replaced all my power cord boot laces Rifle string rifle slings and even and Evening The skills on my easy easy while Uh next up also here five star the Survivor cord weapon sling was just what I expected Um i am very satisfied with it as i have Been with all the products that i have Received from titan survival thanks Jared For all of your wonderful Products All right so again Wonderful reviews for titan survival Again this is the survival cord weapon Sling and this is only for 44 dollars And 98 cents so thank you so much for Watching and i’ll see you on to the next One