SurvivorCord Survival Boot LacesReview | Titan Survival Product Review Paracord Accessory Category

SurvivorCord Survival Boot LacesReview | Titan Survival Product Review Paracord Accessory Category

These SurvivorCord® Survival Boot Laces are based on our patented SurvivorCord® XT parachute cord, originally designed for battlefield use by U.S. Special Forces and later adapted for outdoor survival uses. Each boot lace is comprised of 4mm wide MIL-STYLE Nylon boot lace sheaths, with these internal components designed to help you survive in an emergency: Nylon, Fishing Line, Fire Tinder, and a Kevlar Utility Strand.

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Hi guys and welcome back to This video so we are on our eighth Yeah eighth i item under power chord Accessories And we will be talking or reviewing About survival cord survival boot laces So this is what it looks like Okay And the price is 25.98 So it comes with three in three colors Which is black Olive drab And coyote brown So also it comes in two Um Length Sizes which is this one is 54 inches That has six eyelets And this one is 96 inches Or this is like 10 eyelets There you go So Okay so let’s click on to the picture Here first a little bit There we go so this is what it looks Like And when you put them onto your Boots There you go Okay So this is Islet Okay

Again Um they’re supporting the wounded Warrior project since 2014 So any Items that you will buy from titan Survival some of the portions will be Donated to wounded part wounded warrior Project all right So the colors There you go There so for the survivor core survival Boot laces this survival cord survival Boot laces are based on their patented Survival cord xt parachute cord Originally designed for battlefield used By the us special forces and later Adapted for outdoor survival uses so Each boot boot lace is com com um Comprised of four millimeter wide Military style nylon boot lace sheets With These internal components designed to Help you survive in an emergency so There is nylon fission line fire tinder And a kevlar kevlar utility strand so if The product features for the retail Package it’s uh one pair of survival Cord boot laces the laces lace diameter Is four to four point five millimeters Uh laces sheath material is military Style nylon So for each retail package contains Two Boot laces in the specified length

One mini ferro rod with drilled holes And one steel mini striker with drilled Holes so this is That is this one This one And Oh This is the ferro rod and this is the Striker Okay All right and Each Sc boot lace core contains three braided Strands of mil-spec nylon one strand of Waxed fire tinder One strand of 25 pound braided fishing Line one strand of 110 pound kevlar Utility Line so yeah again for based on the 20 Reviews Uh 95 Says it’s a five star and five percent Says it’s a four star So um i’m gonna read some of those Reviews for you So Five star four star five star really Appreciated the prompt turn around with A free replacement after my first pair Of places had a minor issue love the Product and the peace of mind of at Having a fire starter at my footsteps That is true Another five star not only are they

Survival enabled they work excellent at As shoelaces better than the ones that Came with my boots so it’s a Great review Another five star says i I love the peace of mind these products Bring while in the back count Back country i hope i never have to use Them i know they’re There being able to have boot laces with So many things built in is great Survival gear should always be carried In layers and multiples And another five stars here These laces are a great way to add a Layer of preparedness to your boots you Might want to research some alternative Knots for tying with these given that They’re significantly thicker than most Laces but learning a new knot is always A good idea so great another great Review for titan survival so uh with This specific um Product or item which is the survival Survivor cord survival boot laces so Again this comes in three colors black Olive drab and Coyote brown With two different types of length 54 Inches and 96 Inches So again this is 25.98 So if you want and go ahead and click on The link below under the description box

On the description box it will redirect You to their page and you can just go Ahead and click Add to cart or buy now And then you’re good to go so yeah thank You so much for watching and um i’ll see You on to the next one