SurvivorCord Paracord Survival Bracelets Review | Titan Survival Product Review Paracord Category

SurvivorCord Paracord Survival Bracelets Review | Titan Survival Product Review Paracord Category

This paracord survival bracelet is woven in Trilobite weave pattern with more than 11 feet of TITAN’s patented SurvivorCord. That’s 3.5 meters of MIL-SPEC 550 cord, snare wire, fishing line, and waxed jute integrated into a stylish bracelet that you’ll always have in a survival situation.

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Hi guys and welcome back to another Video here on our channel and today we Will we will be talking or reviewing About um Paracord accessories Category Um for another titan survival products So on the first Uh first on our list for paracord Accessories is the survival cord Paracord survival bracelets so let us Click on that one All right and it says here that it is 22.98 All right so Let me check here They have different sizes here they have Small Medium Large and extra large so there’s like Um a Measurement here if you are considered Small if you are six to seven inches uh Wrist Um all of this is a wrist so it depends Just go ahead and get some tape measure And then measure your wrist and then you Would know which one would best fit your Um Bracelet or in your your What what is the best fit For your arm or wrist so yeah again they Have four Different

Sizes small medium large and extra large Now for the color they have five Different types of colors they have Black They have bronze They have the dragon scale The olive drab and the forest camo So let’s go ahead and check on that one Just get on that All right so This is the paracord Box here a parkour bracelet box as you Can see And this is the actual um paracord uh Bracelet there you go All right so Always prepared uh So the bracelet consists of a mil-spec Power cord Uh Always have a 30 awg metal wire for Snares or other uses Always have fishing line and always have Waterproof fire tinder So the major features they have a Premium premium adjustable stainless Steel shackle So this is what it looks like yeah this There you go Also they may made with 9 to 10 feet of Survivor cord Multiple sizes available and multiple Tactical colors available All right

So guaranteed to fit so step one is to Measure your wrist Step two Uh purchase this size bracelet if your Wrist is at the upper limit please order The next up there you go so again wrist Size six to seven is small seven to Eight inches is medium eight to nine Inches is large and nine to ten inches Is extra large And step three is fine tune your fit With one of the three adjustment Holes there you go All right So Next up To Its features is that this bracelet uh Cerva core paracord paracord bracelet is Is also fashionable so their survival Bracelet made with patented survivor Cord is both useful and fashionable Built like a tank this hefty 1.25 inches Wide trilobite weave looks good on any Wrist so you can see here this is the Bronze This is the tactical black Olive drab Forest camo and the dragon scale All right and next up is the reviews but Again let me just go ahead and Show you The Colors

Available Okay Okay Black Olive drab This is Black All right So unfortunately um This uh survivor cord power survival Bracelet is unavailable Uh And when it comes to small size But with medium Large Are available so small and extra large Are not available on Uh today like currently it’s not Available but Medium and large sizes are available so If you are small maybe you can just wait For it to be available And um Yeah All right so let’s just scroll down now If you want to watch or if you want to Know more about the paracord bracelet Just go ahead and click on this one and What and watch um about it And then so here goes the product Features small fits six to seven inches Wrist medium fit seven to eight inches Large fits eight to nine inches and Extra large fits nine to ten inches so

This survival Parachord survival bracelet is woven in Trial trial uh trilobite weave pattern With more than one with more than 11 Feet of titan’s patented survivor cord And that’s 3.5 meters of mil-spec 550 Cord snare wire fishing line and wax Jute integrated into a stylish bracelet That you’ll always have in a survival Situation So their trailer bright uh trilobite Survival bracelet is nine inches long And 1.25 inches wide with an adjustable Bow shackle that comfortably fit wrists From seven to nine inches an extra Fastener is included for free for your Convenience and also this military style Paracord bracelet is designed for and Used by military personnel all over the World it can be disassembled in less Than three minutes in an emergency Situation in in any emergency situation And has a verified tesla strength of 584 Pounds by a certified testing agency So again winding this bracelet does not Have a safety breakaway and will not Slide off your wrist if it is caught on Something So that’s good about Them They’re putting warnings and everything So Yeah

For the customer reviews based on 88 Reviews 75 85 Says that it’s a five-star Review and let me just read some of Those um Reviews for you uh love the bracelet Great material woman very strong Gift he loves this item and it fits Perfectly And stupendous nice Okay it says here it’s five star Bracelet weaving color and look is top Notch Latching locking mechanism is a bit Bulky and can be difficult to install One-handed need to regularly check to Make sure to be sure it is not Unscrewing through normal wear just Periodically throughout the day check The tightness Overall we like them and are hot and are Happy with our purchase they shipped and Arrived quickly even during this bit Bitten induced supply chain fiasco slash Nightmare we are happy campers hopefully We’ll never have to put them to the Ultimate test or usage but quite sure They would perform more than admirably So it’s a great great um Review Says here great stuff made to last looks Great and cost is more than fair in Today’s market So yeah um again this is the paracord

Survivor bracelet And this is um 22.98 So thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you on to the next one