SURVIVORCORD PARACORD KEYCHAINS 3 PACK Review | Titan Survival Product Review Paracord Acc.Category

SURVIVORCORD PARACORD KEYCHAINS 3 PACK Review | Titan Survival Product Review Cordage Category

This 3-Pack of 6” braided tactical paracord keychains (~ 6 feet of paracord, when unwoven) is designed to last AND help you survive in an emergency. Built with premium high-quality components, we’ve done our best to provide you an edge in an emergency. From our patented SurvivorCord®, to the integrated fire-starter, to the large premium HK Rifle Snap Clip, you know you’re getting the best with TITAN Survival – and this keychain is highly functional for keys, mini-flashlights, EDC and more!

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Hi guys and welcome back um so this will Be on our fourth item on Power cord accessories category So Fourth in our list is The survivor cord paracord keychains Which is three pack so the price here is 27.98 So let me just scroll down so this is What it looks like by the way There you go All right so here It has a mil-spec 550 paracord 30 awg Snare wire 25 pounds fishing line and a Waterproof tinder there you go Okay And Again for the emergency food source It has a 25 pound transparent Monofilament fishing line That is perfect for securing protein From oceans lakes or streams And also it has a 30 awg wire that can Be used as a small game snare or double Up for a larger animal And also they have a fishing line and Snare wire that can be used for other Purposes like binding tools Cooking meat over A fire or setting traps All right And so for easy fire starting So number one proprietary wax chew twine Is waterproof and can be used to start

Fires fast Number two simply extract jute from the Survivor cord and then fray it into a Bird’s nest and third finally shower the Wax jute from sparks from your survivor Steel or Ferro rod Just like so Okay All right so let’s just scroll down here So this is a three pack of a six Introspected tactical power cord Keychains um six feet of paracord when On when unmoving and it is designed to Last and help you survive in an Emergency built With um This is also built with premium high Quality components They’ve done their best to provide you An edge in an emergency so from their Patented survivor core to the integrated Fire starter to the larger premium hk Rifle snap clip you know they’re getting The best with titan survival and this Key chain is highly functional for keys Mini flashlights edc and more So for the product features Here This three pack includes one piece of Six inches power cord keychain black One piece of six inches Paracord keychain dragon scale And one piece of six inches paracord

Reflective orange So this is also part of the product Features is to stay alive with survivor Cord so this is originally designed at The request of special Forces in afghanistan um the survivor Cord is a 620 pound tensile strength Paracord That integrates three life-saving Survival strands into titan’s trusted Military-style 550 paracord uh that Includes 25 pound fishing line 30 awg Utility wire and a waterproof wax jute Fire tinder service Fire tinder so survivor cord is Protected by Multiple us utility patents So it is also a dual purpose it has a Dual purpose components so be prepared With an emergency strikes with this Highly functional tactical military Style power cord key chain that is built To last with survival cord and highly Quality high quality components that can Be Disassembled and used in an in any Emergency So for integrated ferro rod they have Integrated uh one inch by 25 inches point 25 inches mainly furosem Rod into the braid of their tactical Keychain to make sure you always have a Source of reliable fire in an emergency Just scrape off the protective coloring

And strike it with your favorite knife To shower a bird’s nest with hundreds of 3000 degree sparks also extra large belt Hook um struggling to get those inferior Mini hk clip keychains unhooked from Your belt have you torn a belt hooked Trying their customers demanding quality And functionality so they have made sure To use a large hk clip that easily clips And unclips to your belt or Loop or backpack so you no longer need To struggle to get those cheaper Keychains off your pants so for the Product specs the size for the retail Package is four by by seven by point Five inches for the key chain uh one By six by six By point twenty five inches Length If it is woven is it’s six inches and Length and move unmoving is more or less Six feet or two meters so total weight Single key chain is point one point Seven ounces or four to eight grams Fishing line strength is 25 pounds snare Wire metal brass snare wire gauge Uh 30 awg scenario wire strength eight Pounds and wax jute diameter is two Millimeters All right so based on 22 reviews 91 says It’s a five star review And it says here Um For three stars it says too bulky for

Pants Pockets for the 5 star nice revival Keychains great quality and fast Shipping too my husband was happy with Them Another 5 star says here the quality is Excellent the weaving is tight on the Cord and they didn’t go cheap on the Snap hook or ring can’t beat it for the Quality Another five star Here the keyring and clip are heavy duty I am very hard on everything and do not See a problem with this no fear of no Fear of failure and losing my keys i did Not take it apart and check out the Court but i did buy some survivor cord And play with with some of that Very pleased and putting One in my bug out bag and each of my Vehicles great marketing and fast Shipping would expect they Would expect they will handle any any And all problems that should arise Got to go what else do i need and Another five one Um solid product really like the use of Hk style snap hooks simple and secure Good tight weaves definitely recommended So Another good um review for titan Survival Again this is the survivor uh paracord Keychains

That come with that is already three Pack so it’s dragon scale This orange and the black so again this Is 27 And 98 cents so thank you so much for Watching and i’ll see you on to the next One