SURVIVORCORD KEYCHAIN BLACK Review | Titan Survival Product Review Paracord Accessory Category

SURVIVORCORD KEYCHAIN DRAGONSCALE Review | Titan Survival Product Review Paracord Accessory Category

This 6” braided tactical paracord key-chain (~ 6 feet of paracord, when unwoven) is designed to last AND help you survive in an emergency. Built with premium high-quality components, we’ve done our best to provide you an edge in an emergency. From our patented SurvivorCord, to the integrated fire-starter, to the large premium HK Rifle Snap Clip, you know you’re getting the best with TITAN Survival – and this keychain is highly functional for keys, mini-flashlights, EDC and more!

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Hi guys and welcome back um so we are on Our 10th Item under the parkour accessories which Is a survivor core keychain which comes In Tactical black So Okay All right So again just like the survival cord Keychain Dragon scale color Uh we have that Also from the other video but again i’ll Be uh talking to you about the tactical Black color so again this is also the Same product just different color This is 9.98 And this is what it looks like There you go Again it also comes with mil-spec 550 Power cord 30 awg snare wire 25 pounds Fishing line waterproof tinder And again here for the emergency food Source 25 pounds transparent Monofilament fishing line perfect for Securing protein from oceans lakes or Streams 30 awg 30 aw awg wire can be used as a small Game snare or doubled up for larger Animals Fishing line and snare water can be used

For other purposes like binding tools Cooking meat over a fire or setting Traps I’m not going to read this one anymore It’s just the same from my previous Video all right so again this package Includes one piece of six inches Survivor cord keychain that comes in the Black collar Again this is a six inch braided Tactical paracord chain designed to last And help you survive in any emergency Built with premium high quality Components they’ve done their best to Provide you an edge in an emergency and From their patented survivor cord to the Integrated fire starter to the large Premium hk rifle snap clip you know You’re getting the best with the titan Survival and this keychain is highly Functional for keys mini flashlights edc And more so Again it is the dual purp uh Dual purpose components and stay alive With survivor cord because uh origi this Is originally designed at the request of The special forces in afghanistan and Their survival cord is a six twenty Pound tensile strength power cord That integrates three life-saving Survival strands into titan’s trusted Mil-spec 550 paracord which is a 25-pound fishing line 30 awg awg utility Wire and the waterproof wax jute fire

Tinder so the survivor cord is protected By multiple us utility patents All right and again Uh they’ve also integrated the ferro rod Which is um one inches by 0.25 mini Ferrocene rod Into the braid of their tactical Keychain to make sure you always have a Source of reliable fire in an emergency So just scrape off the protective Coloring and strike it with your Favorite knife to shower a bird’s nest With the hundreds of 3000 degree sparks And Um Yeah so the product specs For size Same as the previous video it’s four by Seven by point five interest which is The retail package for the keychain Itself it’s 1 by 6 by 0.25 inches if it Is woven in length it’s 6 inches if it’s Unmoving more or less 6 feet or 2 meters For the total weight 1.7 ounces 48 grams For the hq rifle sling snap hook opening It’s 1.5 by 0.5 inches the fishing line Strength is 25 pounds snare wire metal Is brass snare wire gauge is 30 awg its Narrower strength is eight pounds and The wax shoot diameter is Two millimeters So based on the 16 reviews 100 says this Time is five star All right so i’m just going to read you

Some of the Um Customer reviews for you so it says your Five star excellent addition to my gear Buddies that work like it they’ll be Getting in contact to get their own gear Another five star here i love my new Survival core keychain it’s just the Right size and since i have to carry Keys anyway i love knowing i have a Number of backup survival items always With me the ferro rod fishing line brass Wire fire tinder line and the additional Cordage it would make A great stocking stuffer or gift for Anyone that is into survival or the Outdoors Another five star very well made should Last a long time and will come in handy If i ever need the power cord and ferro Rod Um here five star i’m very pleased with The product and service order was timely And complete the power cord is great it Is on a couple of my grandchildren’s Walking sticks they love it also and Getting ready to place in another order Thank you for service and great products From jlb Um another five star Dangle with a purpose great everyday Used keychain and when you need a six Feet of awesome titan 550 620 cord or Ferro rod generous hk and ring great

Tools disguised as everyday utility Piece thanks and another five star here The keychain is very well made should Hold up for years with the build in Firestarter just in case you need it you Need it is great So again a great review For titan survival for the survivor Court keychain tactical black For 9.98 For those who are interested to check Out on the Uh product itself just click on the link Uh into uh from the description box down Below and you can just go ahead and Click on that and it will redirect you Directly to this page so that you can go Ahead and check out the product or the Item and if you really wanted it you can Just go ahead um Click add to cart or buy now so yeah Thank you so much for watching and i’ll See you on to the next one