Survival Repair Kits & Tools | Essential Wilderness Survival Items Series

Survival Repair Kits & Tools | Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival | Part 7 of our Top 10 Essential Wilderness Survival Items Series

Duct tape, knife, screwdriver, and scissors. Carry a basic kit with you to repair equipment if needed. The kit should include items such as duct tape, a knife, and scissors. Consider packing a multi-tool. A compact version may consist of a spoon, screwdriver, or can opener. Be sure to bring any tools specific to your trip and your activity.

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Among the most common items that you should keep in your survival repair kit are sewing needles, thread, and other materials you can use to repair a variety of items. Heavy duty cordage and thread are a good investment, and safety pins can be used to close tears and aid in sewing. Some people also keep Fix’n Wax, a waterproofing agent, which can also be used to protect metal and wood. Other gear to include in your survival repair kit includes duct tape, a few safety pins, and a small lighter.

Another essential item in your survival repair kit should be a screwdriver. This multi-use tool can help you replace screws and other gear in an emergency. A high-quality metal screwdriver with a magnetic blade is the best option. You can purchase several different types of screwdrivers to fit different sizes and shapes of nuts and bolts. Each screwdriver comes with two replacement screws. This type of kit is also useful for repairing clothing.

Another indispensable item for your survival repair kit is a screwdriver. A screwdriver is an essential tool that can easily break, but it is also an excellent multi-purpose item. In case of a crisis, a screwdriver can save your life. A survival repair kit should also contain a dedicated repair kit. The tools can range from duct tape to dental floss. It’s also a good idea to include a thimble and awl in your kit.

A duct-tape kit is also a useful addition. These tools are multipurpose and can help you fix a number of items. Often, they can be re-used in many emergency situations. In a situation when you need to repair your gear, duct-tape can be a lifeline. If you have a dedicated repair kit, it will save your time and money. A specialized kit will include items such as scissors and pliers.

A survival repair kit should also include a corrective lens screwdriver. A screwdriver is an essential tool in emergency situations. It will be useful for a number of tasks such as starting a fire, fishing, and navigation. The duct-tape kit can be an indispensable item if you are away from home and need to fix your eyeglasses. It is recommended that you have a metal screwdriver, a thimble, and a sail needle in your kit.

A survival repair kit should include the following: A duct-tape holder, a duct-tape screwdriver, and a sail-needle. A duct-tape holder is an excellent tool for sewing. Lastly, a waterproof container is a must for a survival repair kit. A waterproof case can protect your gear. There are many types of survival kits, and one can even create one for yourself.

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Hi guys and welcome back to Another video And um this is regarding our seventh Top essential wilderness revival items So under this one is repair kit and Tools so like duct tape a knife Screwdriver and scissors You should carry a basic kit with you to Repair equipment If needed and the kit should include Items such as duct tape a knife scissors And also consider packing a multi-tool Um this is like a compact version that May consist of a spoon A screwdriver or any Can opener so be sure to bring any tools Specific to your trip or your activity So i’ll give you five Websites where you can actually Buy some of those um repair kit and Tools so for this one we have a scout Doors for the scout doors there is this Five in one survival tool so this is Like a spoon fork screwdriver And three wrenches and bottle opener So this is what it looks like and It says here at first glance it looks Like similar spoon fork or spore Combination but it is made to a Lightweight high-tech outdoor tool So yes this there is an ergonomic spoon And a short Short-tuned fork Also

Um it can be a screwdriver blade Um As a pry for opening canisters there’s a Large central hole is not only designed For a finger Gripping but Also keeps that in eaten tool weight Down So there’s a three metric wrench reliefs Useful for emergency repairs and results In a tool Uh weight of 1.5 ounces or 43 Grams and as you can see it is Lightweight Spoon for combination And they’re also a flat screwdriver Convenient yes because it can be an a Bottle opener for favorite favorite Beverages And this is a must-have for your camping Hiking Backpacking survival bug out kit or Hunting supplies And the scout drawers has the happy Happy Guarantee so buy with confidence and you Can see here the the review is five And five stars so it says here I must have four backpacking trips and Bought six for a bug out packs really Solid and great design zombie apocalypse Be damn so this is really perfect like If you don’t want to carry a lot of Utensils

For your camping or your for your Backpacking this is a great tool because It serves you like not just spoon and Not just fork but also like a Screwdriver and a can opener which is so Great and just scroll down for more um Products there but this is like a Must-have very lightweight you can clip On your bag or into your belt and you Already have this and it’s You know pretty much you can bring it Pretty much everywhere with you with or Without the bag just clip it somewhere In your body All right so that’s scout doors next up Is the everlit survival and we have here Like the everlast 7 72 hour two person Earthquake emergency kit this pre Practically it’s a kit But it’s like more complete Um This is like around 164. but this one Sorry i didn’t include the price a while Ago but this is 7.95 And there you go so here um it’s not Um Not Not like this where you can use pretty Much like three four or five Things in one item but this one is a kit It’s more convenient it’s more not Convenient but it’s more complete you Can see here like you have the Screwdrivers you have scissors

And everything drinking water This is like a great tool um to have Especially if you’re like somewhere out There wherein You don’t you can’t have like a A good drinking Uh water And There you go there is a five year shelf Life for water for water and food Approved by us coast guard Water filtration tablets And so on so there you go First aid supply survival and Safety protection gears as well There’s a lot like wire saw safety Goggles emergency shelter Multi-function Pliers Glow stick compass so this is like Like the Complete um Set For um Survival tool like this is like for Earthquake immersion ticket this is Really really great Uh it’s really complete and it costs About 164 Dollars and 95 cents all right next up Is the survival Kit at mac and we can see here this is For Outdoor emergency gear kit for camping

Hiking traveling or adventures so we Could see here um some items The compass Here That one Some chains some fire starters as well So it’s pretty much complete as well This is for 30 33.99 They also say that you can pay in full Or in four interest free installments For orders between fifty dollars and Three thousand dollars with shop pay And just click learn more if you wanted To learn more So the description here is the low here You can see the features Six in one waterproof case stainless Steel versus versatile tool card fire Starter compass wire saw emergency Whistle multi uh multi-functional flight Light a flashlight pliers one case One case can meet your different needs So this is pretty much like Like the other one but it’s more compact You can put it pretty much in one Container And High quality set yes Here are the details and payment and Security Uh estimate shipping just click on your Country or province and the zip code and Click estimate so you would know and Also there’s a lot of um

Other items for Um for your outdoor um activities as Well so this is really cool All right and that is for Um Gear citizen and this one is Specifically edmack all right next one Is this so we have walmart so Practically walmart gives us this one This is the best glide asc survival so Um sewing and repair kit of course if Um This is good for survival camping Hunting hiking and fishing As you can see here free shipping Arrives by monday december december 13 Sacramento Um and free 30-day returns and click the Details here for more information And scroll down below and you can see a Lot More More items where you can shop for Sewing kits And Um like this one Like yeah you really needed that Especially if you’re outdoor And You need to Repair some tools and Your fabrics there you go All right so next but not the least we Have the tools access sauce shovels and

Machetes um this is actually like I think one of this should have should Be in our um survival tool Most likely the this one the hummer Beast Is really important at least you have Something in you that can protect you Not just you know to help you eat or Repair something but also to Help you protect in some other ways and Also help you with some Work like if you want to cut something Down This is the best one All right so yeah we have the we have walmart We have gear citizen we have the everlit Survival and we have the scout doors so Thank you so much and i’ll see you on The next video