Survival Illumination – Mini Flashlights & Emergency Light | Essential Wilderness Survival Items

Survival Illumination – Mini Flashlights & Emergency Lighting | Part 4 of our Top 10 Essential Wilderness Survival Items Series

Flashlights, lanterns, and headlamps. Headlamps are the preferred light source because they are hands-free, but they require batteries, so pack extra.

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Among the many types of survival lighting available, lamps are among the most primitive. They have been used by mankind for thousands of years. Initially, people used vegetable oil to fuel them. Later, they switched to kerosene, which is dirty and inefficient. These days, most lamps use propane gas or candles for their fuel. Although they are cheap and easy to make, they should not be used for long-term preparedness because they will run out of batteries or require recharging. Also, they should not be stored in a disaster area, especially if you live in a country where power outages are common.

Using a flashlight is the most obvious choice for emergency situations. But, many people find that regular flashlights do not provide adequate lighting. You can even get tactical lights that are more durable and have other uses. You can also buy a solar powered lamp if you need to stay in an urban area. These lights are convenient for navigating in areas where electricity is unavailable. You can even charge the battery in the sun while using it. Just remember to carry backup lights in case of emergencies, so you can keep them charged and ready to use.

Candles: Another cheap and easily stored alternative is candles. However, it is important to remember that candles do not provide very much light. You should use a stable candle holder and place it on a heat-resistant surface. Additionally, avoid using them as night lights. But the main advantage of candles is that they do not contain electrical components. Moreover, they don’t need to be recharged regularly. In addition, these are not ideal for bugging out or task lighting, and they should only be used for long-term power outages.

Candles: They are an inexpensive option for survival lighting. They can be easily recycled and do not require electricity. They can even be used as a self-defense tool in an emergency. If you’re in a situation where candles aren’t available in a city, a flashlight is a useful solution. It is an essential tool for EMP preparedness. If you’re in an area without electricity, a tactical flashlight is a good way to make your situation safe and secure.

Choosing the right lighting is vital when you’re prepping for a natural disaster. There are several types of survival lighting available. Some of them are better than others in certain situations. Some types of flashlights are suitable for general use, while others are not. But they all provide light and can be carried anywhere. There are plenty of options for emergency and wilderness scenarios. In an emergency, headlamps are the best option. They also provide extra light.

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Hi and welcome back to Another to this Video um my name is anna martinez and we Will be proceeding Um with uh the fourth Top essential wilderness survival item And this one is about illumination all Right so as you can see i will be Giving you five Um Websites wherein where you can buy Uh the best headlamps so Again for illumination we have Flashlight um Lanterns and headlamp so headlamps are The preferred light source because they Are Hands-free but they require batteries so Pack Extra all right so first we have night Eyes so this is established um 1989. All right so here there are different Kinds of um Uh Headlights but well not basically Headlights but uh some Type of elimination that you can Actually use like for example this one Is for the your bicycle And then there is this um Light where you can attach it to your Fabric or to your bag so that they can Easily see you And then there is the basic head

Headlamp also like this one They also have a rechargeable utility Light And also this uh rechargeable focusing Flashlight And oh this is also cool they have a Rechargeable lead flying disc so Every night if you Wanted to Play with a Flying disc this is the best one so that You can see it at night all right so if You go Scroll down you can see that there is a A blog here if you want to read their Blog just click here And there is also um Let’s go up all right so already click This one uh for this one okay i click This one and this is What where it leads me to Um so as you can see here there is like Um A description here It says it’s 170 lumens of fl flood Lighting that that’s perfect for task This has or this Is a dual color Headlamp that offers four modes and Adjustable tilt and a detachable body That covers A hand Uh handheld light And as you can see this is what it looks

Like and also we have the product Details here so if you want to read more About it just scroll down and read the Product details so you can see there’s Like a Quick press of power button And so on and the runtime is two hours So this is a worry-free guarantee i like It and as you can see Uh it has a five-star rating which is Great and Uh it says here our company’s focus is To appreciate the work of plumbers do so We bought the 107 170 rechargeable Headlamps To give as gifts and i’ve never seen a Group more appreciative so it’s this is Great for especially for those uh That uses Light and that needs to use both of Their hands which is like the plumbers Too So this is a great great tool for them As well and So if you want also some videos There is also a video here or how to use It so Other than that we have they have an Instructions like press and hold for two Seconds this will be the light And for five seconds this will be the Light um that will be showing uh in your Headlamp All right they also have the packaging

Here so you can see the packaging of The radiant 170 and this is what you Should expect when you received The item all right and for this place Just click here if you want to see more All right so this is actually nine eyes So they have different kinds of um Different kinds of Products here and whichever you wanted To Buy At least Um It’s best to look at here it’s more Convenient it’s a lot of options And yeah and the price range as i can See here it starts with well this is a Flashlight holder so it’s 5.99 But let’s say the price range is between 18 To This one 124 dollars so Uh you will know the prices here Immediately all right so that is night Eyes so next up we have the west Northwest Minus supply so we have here the wisdom Lamp model 4a so as you can see here It’s 165 dollars And if you want to purchase it in bulk Click request a quote A quote below and it says here the stock So currently they have 23 in stock and You can also put here whatever

Quantity you want to put and Um you can just go ahead and add to cart But they also Offer paypal so pay in four interest Free payments of 43. 43.99 So just click here learn more so that You would know more about how to Pay through paypal venmo okay And as you can see here again Description This lamp is not msha certified and if You’re looking for msh msha approved With stem lamp There you go it says it’s not msh Certified but if that doesn’t bother you Then that’s all right Um and then you can see these lamps have Three modes the high the medium and the Low and also This is Uh the hours of operation which if you Use more of like the low light which is The 50 lumen that is like About 60 hours of operation which is Real long which is great and there is an There is an inclusion of it which is a Wisdom lamp 4a with stainless steel Adjustable bracket usb charging co Accord micro usb adapter cord and a Female usb adapter cord so again if you Want to buy in bulk just contact them And there’s like a two year warranty From date of manufacture So that’s good to know and

Uh Power cables and usb charger charging Cable have a six month Uh warranty which is quite also All right so there is a model comparison Like a wise light wisdom 3a and wisdom 4a so what we have here is the model 4a Okay Model 4a so this is the model that we’re Looking at so if you want to compare to The other um Models you can see it here as well so Again it’s still up to your um Still um um You know It’s still better to check what best Suits you And all right so There are different kinds of products as Well just click on it and you will see This one this one also this one so as You can see the the The The range of the products here is like Around 35 dollars to at least 219 But again it depends uh which one you Prefer And Yeah So this is northwest mine supply all Right next up is the And you can see here there’s different

Kinds of lights as well but this is not A headlamp But this is more of the Focus uh Light Yeah And Uh there’s different kinds of lights Here which is also great And you can just go ahead and click on Them and you will see All the details of The product so let me head let me just Go ahead and click on this one All right And you will see this kind of uh it’s Like more specific here and it says Rechargeable flashlight c4 led and you Can see here Um There is a 133 if we click on this one It still it it still depends on you if You which one you prefer If you want to put the if you want to Click on this um Also they have like popular add-ons Which is like a replacement rechargeable Battery Streamlight tactical holster and a Streamlight uh stinger lid so whichever You want to put just click on it And You can put the quantity and then Add to cart

So again Just scroll down below you will see the Description Again there’s like three modes in strobe High for super bright uh bright beam 800 Lumens and that was that is great and um These are their customers and this is What they are Saying about their products so again if You want to see the accessories if you Want to add more accessories you can Also do that And yeah Pretty much everything that you need for A Light Um There you go So that is Next up is the ray drops so i’ve been Through with the ratio a lot now and Again From what i like about ray shop is that You can actually compare Four Um products like for example you want to Compare this To This and also Let’s just say we wanted to compare it Here and this one so it’s just up to Four items just click compare here so You would see And then

Um This is what i like about it it’s gonna Give you a comparison about the uh about The products you actually chose and you Can see here best used camping This one is for backpacking this is for Camping and backpacking and this one is For backpacking And then all of them are led here are Their reviews This uh This is currently Zero review And um yeah you can see here 350 lumens 400 lumens 1000 1200 lumens 350 lumens Every detail is here so you can easily Um Compare Fee items that you know That is on your list and if you think That this is more uh into your budget or If the the the details here or the Description here is more into What you wanted then you can click on Shop item so yeah this is what i like About the shop right you can compare Items and compare prices and everything About it so yeah This is really cool uh last but not the Least we have police security For headlamps Says they’re removable removables most Innovative headlamps available so this Is free shipping

Lifetime oh this is what i like about Police security Uh it says here is lifetime warranty and A 30-day money-back guarantee So pretty cool huh and um As you can see here This is like The um Headlamp that i I envisioned earlier um it’s really more Into That And as you can see the price range is Between 29 No 17 Up to 49 Yeah And you can see there’s a lot of designs A lot of uses Of this headlamp like for example if you Click on this one We will see that from 34.99 it’s now 29.99 and that’s a great deal for A head lamp And we shall see what it looks like it’s Still loading All right so it says here it’s 230 Lumens and four hour run time so it says You carry less do more which is Ideally The use of the headlamp and You can see here more of the details and Here is the features um

Lead chip so there’s no bulb um Cob is the latest chip on board Technology great New product this is popular This is also the best seller This is also magnetic so it attaches to Metal work hands-free which is great And there’s a three-in-one lighting System This is like part headlamp part magnetic Flashlight Again dual source two lights and one at The same time which is great and Eco-friendly alkaline batteries what Batteries included oh good so Rechargeable also this is a rechargeable Batteries includes lithium ion batteries Um again this is what This is what um i really like about it It’s limited lifetime warranty so we’ve Got your back okay they got your back And Uh this is also cool this is water Resistant So it can be submerged to one meter to For 30 minutes so at least you have an Idea you can submerge this to at least One meter And then just a good for a good of 30 Minutes Impact resistance survives drops to 3 Meters well That’s 3 meters is high so if you Dropped it it will survive as long as

It’s 3 meters And um Comfort adjusts drops so you have enough Making Your head hurt so yeah you can see here That you can actually adjust the straps Which is also cool All right and we have the specifications Here as well um There you go This is right here And shipping and warranty so there is an Order processing it takes two to three Business days to process complete and Ship the order so we process uh orders Mondays to fridays so there’s a sales Tax if you’re located in the state of ga Uh your applicable state or local Attacks will be automatically added During checkout There’s like a shipping procedures Warranty information and repairs so if You want to repair your product This is the way You should email this one So yeah i love um please security Because they’re more Uh it’s like more they’re more detailed When it comes to warranty how to like Return How Um How meters that You can submerge it into water

And like to be specific like 30 minutes You can actually submerge it into water One meter below so which is great um Yeah this is what i like about uh police Security flashlights And yeah so again We have police security uh ballistic Police security we have Shopri Or ray shop we have We also have northwest mind supply and Night eyes so again thank you so much For watching and See me on the next video thank you