Survival Hydration Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival | Essential Wilderness Survival Items Series

Survival Hydration Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival | Part 10 of our Top 10 Essential Wilderness Survival Items Series

Staying hydrated on your trip is of utmost importance when it comes to wilderness survival! Physical activity increases your risk of dehydration (loss of water and salts from the body), leading to adverse health consequences. If you’re active outdoors (hiking, biking, running, swimming, etc.), you should drink water often and before you feel thirsty, especially in warm climates. Prepare your water before you need it, and do not allow yourself to become dehydrated. Before heading out on your trip, be sure to identify any water sources at your destination that you could collect and treat using water treatment supplies.

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If you’ve ever watched one of the many survival shows, you have probably seen some pretty silly survival hydration methods. While some of these techniques have merit and can be emulated, others are downright dangerous. There are many myths about hydration, and it is important to be aware of them so you can stay healthy in the wild. The following are some tips for staying hydrated in a survival situation. Read on for more information.

Water is the most important resource in any survival situation. Without water, you could die within three days. Moreover, contaminated water is more likely to cause terminal dehydration. Fortunately, finding water is not nearly as difficult as finding clean, drinkable water. Most natural sources of water are laden with microbes, and even harmful bacteria. You must treat the water before drinking it to stay alive. In addition to that, water should be stored in a container that is leak-proof and made from food-grade plastic.

While most survival hydration kits offer you the necessary supplies to survive, it is crucial to make sure your water is clean before drinking. The most common source of water is not clean, and it is usually contaminated. Unless you prepare properly, the water will be tainted, thereby leading to terminal dehydration. In a survival situation, it is better to prepare for much longer than 72 hours. For example, it may take up to a week for emergency services to reach the worst-hit areas.

Whether you’re in the desert, the wilderness, or an urban oasis, the water should be clean and safe to drink. Using purification tablets or a filter pump will prevent your water from becoming dangerously contaminated. The best way to keep hydrated is to use water that has been purified by a means other than the tap. If you don’t have a water purifier, you can boil water by hand. The pore size of the water is 0.2 micron, which is smaller than the diameter of a human hair.

Besides water purification tablets, you can also use filtration devices to purify water. The filters need to be made of a plastic material so that they don’t break in cold weather. It is also important to make sure the water is purified and clean so that it can be used in a long-term survival situation. It should also be filtered to avoid the growth of harmful bacteria. When you’re prepared for the situation, you’ll be more alert and be able to survive.

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Hi this is anna again and thank you so Much for Clicking this video and this will be Um the last or the 10th Um top essential wilderness survival Items So for this category this is hydration So water and water treatment supplies All right So Staying hydrated on your trip is of Utmost importance When it comes to wilderness survival So physical activity increases your risk Of dehydration It’s the loss of water and salts from The body Leading to adverse health consequences If you’re active Outdoors like hiking biking running Swimming You should drink water often and before You feel thirsty Especially in warm climates so prepare Your water before you need it and do not Feel and do not allow Yourself to become dehydrated so before Heading out on your trip be sure to Identify Any water sources at your destination That you could collect and treat using Water treatment supplies So i’m going to show you five websites Where you can buy

A water filtration system So firstly we have Sawyer So the mini water filtration system this Is their number one selling model the Mini filter is a great choice for Outdoor enthusiasts and emergency Preparedness These systems are affordable highly Versatile and Come ready to go on your next adventure So this is the full description of it Um it is perfect for everything for from Camping with the kids to traveling Abroad where tap and bottled water can’t Be trusted so the tiny mini provides 0.1 Micron absolute filtration for clean Drinking water on the go so it is Filtering out bacteria protozoa and Micro microplastics This mini filter removes seven log or 99.99999 Of all bacteria like salmonella as well As other harmful bacteria which causes Cholera and e coli and six log which is Ninety nine point nine nine nine nine Percent of all protozoa such as giardia And crypto Sportium um these removal rates equal or Exceed other filter options so epa Guidelines allow 10 times more protozoa Left in the water than solar mini Filters allow And the mini also filters out 100

Of micro plastics So you can see see here the stats and The specs it is a hollow fiber up to 100 000 gallons Removes bacteria protozoa e coli Jar cardia vibrio Chloria salmonella Type typhin typhi Uh leptospirosis and microplastics so The height is 5.5 inches With is 1.75 inches length is 1.75 Inches and filter weight is 1.4 ounces So He’s here is the used cases for Recreation Hiking camping scouting domestic and International travel and emergency Preparedness It is high performance compatibility With your disposable water bottles Hydration packs or these Um or use this straw to drink directly From your water source removal rates of 99.99999 percent of all bacteria And the kit includes filter rated up to 100 000 gallons Includes one sawyer mini filter 16 ounce Of reusable squeeze pouch and seven inch Uh drinking straw and a cleaning plunger So here are some of the frequently asked Product questions so filter uh Compatibility here you go How fast should the water come out of The filter that’s the answer

And can i catch my mini filter directly To speak out No we do not recommend attaching filters Of directly to speakers or faucets there You go so you have your the most Frequently Asked um Product questions And You can click on Uh the find stores here and you can Buy the nearest store um in your area Which is great and i do believe this is The number one a mini water filtration System um As off To date And so yeah this is great for Filtering water especially for outside Especially if you want to look for A water source And you want to make sure that it’s Going to be Filtered 100 or at least 99.99 So there you go sawyer next up is live Straw so this is also a personal water Filter uh this is for 12.99 Again it protects against bacteria Parasites micro plastics dirt and sand And cloudiness So independently lab tested durable and Bpa free this is ultimate survival tool No shelf life easy to clean and store

And get replacements and accessories Here just click here if you want to get Replacements and or um accessories And I can see here the description also 99.99 of Removes 99.99 percent of bacteria Including e coli and salmonella Ultralight and durable Um long-lasting membrane microfilter Lasts up to 1 000 gallons or 4 000 Liters of water Enough drinking water to last an Individual for over 5 years And This is good for ultimate survival tool And This is one purchase one child wants one Year of safe water And again this is ideal for outdoor Activities camping and survival this uh There are some replacement filters and Accessories as well you can see here the Membrane microfilter And you can click here to see how their Products work And there you go they’re also using this For This one So you can see here some recommendations From experts who use the product this is From bsa national eagle scout Association It says these are easy to have packed

Away for emergency use when needed and They are easy to drink out of and it Keeps you safe from unknown water Sources so this is good likelihood to Recommend 10 out of 10 which is great And very affordable So yeah that is life straw next up is The cadditin group um This is a hiker pro Transparent filter us And this is um The description Compact filter can deliver a litter of Fresh enjoyable water from lake river or Creek in only a minute it removes it Removes bacteria Giardia guardia and cryptosporium And the activated carbon Granulate reduces unpleasant taste which Is great so this is what it looks like And there’s our spare parts if you need It So there’s like a warranty statement Here let’s click on that one Okay Let’s just wait for it Pretty much pretty slow Okay it’s pretty slow so let’s go back i Hope it Okay all right so you can just click on The warranty statement if you want to See it uh here are the specifications so Clear water source clear water or muddy Water this is perfect for it

And there’s like a product type this is A hand Pump Um Treated quantity 1150 liters Microorganisms bad taste chemicals for Effective Effective against microorganisms bad Tastes and chemicals And here is the wood weight diameter and Weight So this is what it looks like so yeah This is catidine All right Next up is ms pure this is a membrane Solution straw water filter survival Filtration portable gear this is 10.99 Again this is good for survival gear for Outdoor water needs portable and long Life span And We it’s a four stage filtration And that means Um including coarse filter screen pp Cotton coconut shell activated carbon And hollow fiber ultra filtration Membranes which can remove 99.999 percent of bacteria such as e Coli Klebsiella Microplastics and chlorine or odor and Harmful harmful chemical waters Chemical in water And also improve the taste

Small pore size The higher the filtration accuracy More pore size of 0.1 microns which can Filter Tiny uh 99.99 of the tiny material high quality Materials build out of strong food grade Plastics ensures water safety and Delivers a better drinking experience Again this is 10.99 This is what it looks like this is how You can use it so that’s really safe You can see here Repeated clean 264 gallons And It has an ergonomical design nozzle Removable a primary filter for easy Cleaning Replaceable activated carbon pack for Longer lifespan and visible hollow fiber Filtration Ultra filtration membrane for thorough Cleaning So you just have to put How many packs you want the quantity and You can buy it now Also there is like um Frequently bought together this one so It’s a total price of 28.99 98 cents So there are also um Frequently asked questions here if you Have some questions you just click on That one and read it so what is the Reverse of osmosis water systems what is

The waste water to filter Um water ratio so This is also good and gives you the Price and What Um what is The best Way to use the um the uh membrane Solutions water filter so this is ms Pure last but not the least the go sun We have the flow here the solar water Purifier it’s a little bit expensive 249 Dollars but this is um Purifying a system That doesn’t require hand pumping Chemicals or patients It is using a usb powered pump flow Filters out of 99.99 Of pathogens from water Run the pump directly on the solar case Or the Included power bank and upgrade to sink And shower with flow pro as you can see This is Perfect for on the go So Coronavirus purify water local drink Can take anywhere And it is powered by the sun so You can click on this video so that you Can Actually Watch how it is um being Used

So this is what it looks like Um It’s going to filter the water At the flip of a switch so that it’s as Easy as that but it’s a little bit of Sound a little bit about uh Expensive but it’s gonna be more um Hands-free And also Um there is a frequently asked questions Here just click on this one and you can Read so this tech specs weights and Dimensions Pounds this is the solar case 9.7 by 6.7 By 3.1 Inches cable length 3.9 inches Tech specs Here it Is usb solar electric usb filter life 1000 liters Flow rate of 0.9 lpm max pressure 15 psi Pump type 0.9 lpm And in the box so there you go So we do have they also have like a flow Pro Filter plus sync Plus Shower That’s 299 and the flow ultimate there’s Like filter sync shower and Heater So there you go it’s um Five star review on this one it says Love

The flow so it’s a little bit expensive But again It’s more it’s going to be more Convenient for you because you don’t Need to pump it and You know You’re not going to pump the water Anymore so just click the button and You’re good to go and the good thing is It is solar powered so whenever there is Sun just put it outside so that it will Be charged by The um By uh it will be charged by the uh Um By the sun So basically that’s it For Hydration so again we have the ghost sun Ms pure canadian group Life straw and Sawyer so thank you so much for watching All the videos and i hope you learned um Something from it and hope to see you Again soon thank you so much bye