Survival Food & Emergency Food Supply & Storage | Essential Wilderness Survival Items Series

Survival Food & Emergency Food Supply & Storage | Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival | Part 8 of our Top 10 Essential Wilderness Survival Items Series

Prepare for the possibility of making adjustments to your plan. Pack an extra day’s supply of food, preferably no-cook items that contain high nutritional content to keep your energy up. Salty and easy-to-digest snacks work well for outdoor activities such as granola bars and nuts.

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For a quick and easy meal, try jam or jelly. They can be spread on bread or fruit, or even on hardtack. Alternatively, you can try jell-o. It is delicious and will help stave off depression. This recipe will last for a long time, and you can use it to cook various meals. In addition, it is highly nutritious and will keep you full for longer than you expect. It is a great choice for those with food allergies.

Canned meat will not taste as good as a homemade beef roast, but it will provide the same amount of protein, and it will last for years. You should definitely stock up on canned meat as a survival food item. Peanut butter is another good choice, since it is filled with protein, fat, and other nutrients. It is also a great snack for children. So, while choosing survival foods, consider the taste and texture of the items before buying.

When shopping for survival food, try to find a combination of staples and emergency foods. You don’t want to have a diet of instant meals that go bad quickly. It will be very difficult to eat the same food repeatedly, so you need to be smart about what you buy. If you have the money, freeze-dried meat is the best option. It does not take up much space and will last for years. Additionally, dried fruits and vegetables will provide a constant supply of nutrients.

Purchasing survival food is not a rocket science. If you’ve got the budget, try to buy little and often. Make sure to set aside a $1,000 emergency fund to cover any last-minute disaster preps. A good idea is to prepare a mix of foods from different categories, which will ensure that you’ll have enough variety. Some websites recommend sticking to beans and rice, while others suggest avoiding meats, dairy, and processed foods.

While cereals can be healthy, it’s not a great idea to add too many calories. Rather, opt for a survival food that’s high in fiber and contains all the nutrients you’ll need. Then, you’ll never have to worry about the calories. And you can make bread with flour and salt and water. In a disaster, this is an excellent survival food that will save you and your family a lot of time and money.

Besides beans and rice, there are other survival foods that are inexpensive and highly effective. Some of the best sources of protein are legumes and mung beans. The nutrient-dense legumes are a great source of energy and can be stored for years in advance. Some of these legumes will also help you fight off disease. Some people may be allergic to them and can’t eat them. They should not eat raw meat and eat them raw.

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Hi this is anna martinez again and thank You so much for Um watching uh this video Um let’s start with our Um Eighth Um top essential wilderness survival Item Which is nutrition so Food Um we Should It should be Prepare for we should be prepared for The possibility of making adjustments To Our plans so pack an extra day Of supply food If you have like if you want to pack Like a granola bar which is good You can have a granola bars With you as An extra pack of food um So yeah but if you are if you wanted to Have like a long Term of Supply of food or not even just the long Term just in case that you wanted to Have More nutritional food and like like a Complete food then i’ll give you five Websites where you can buy Um Food um for your survival needs so first

One is the quake Care That’s k-e-r-e So you can see here the emergency food We do have a call uh calorie 24 400 Calorie emergency food bar So this is like 4.75 cents and also there’s like one Case of it that’s 89 And Like this one um Four packs it’s 17 And uh so on and what i like about this Is that they also have like um For animals like cats for dogs so Um It’s important that if you have like Pets you should also have like Food rations for for them Just in case And um Also they have an emergency food and Water case packed for Um 128.65 So pretty much it is like a granola bar Or like a food bar To be exact if you click on that one We will see the description just a Moment Okay So this food will provide disaster Victims with a 72 hour food supply And this is formulated with the unique Non-thirst provoking formula

And food bars deliver a perfect blend of Calories and nutrients to maintain Energy levels This food bar Food bars are certified by the us coast Guard to Remain Here okay here’s the description Actually We have reviews Um tastes pretty good Um they’re pretty good here Uh The bars Serve their purpose but why do they only Have a five year shelf life oh okay so As you can see here they only have five Year shelf life So you have to make sure if like You know that you’re gonna use it within The five years you know but we cannot Actually know that but Um Yeah so it says in fiverr shelf Life oh yeah there’s up to five years Entering the freshness of your food Supply for up to five years you can see Here So it’s up to you if you wanted to buy Like uh like um Uh if you wanna buy Um emergency food that is good up to Five years then this is good at least You know when to dispose it or not

And um yeah It says they’re also like pleasant lemon Vanilla flavor no trans fats cholesterol Coconuts or nuts And What i like about this is that it’s Non-thirst provocative formula so just In case that you don’t have any water or Any liquids with you At least if you eat this You You you will not be thirsty not unlike Other foods So Yeah and 18 ounces survival food bar Packet contains six individual 410 Calorie emergency food restaurants And so it’s recommended consumption is Two rations per day per person So There you go This is 4.75 Dollars price for each included tax There you go And next one is the new mana So It says here we are striving to stay Current and ship in five to seven days So however we ask you we ask that you Understand we still experience Occasional product lapses and shipping Delays so they’re going to give you some Heads up with regards to the shipping Um

Yeah so they have the long-term food Supply kits And Like this They have like a pura vai water 12 pack So you have like a drinking water here For 44.95 We have heirloom seeds We have the defender pack with meat Um Yes and it says your 25 Year shelf life so this is like unlike The other one which is five years This one is 25 year shelf life so if you Buy it today 25 years later it’s still Okay And this is gmo free no added Preservatives and made in america And They also have this sample pack they Have the three pack premium organic milk Powder Triple family pack and they also this is For 789 dollars they have This let’s click on this one Okay So this one is that Okay You get two serving samples of pasta Primavera enchilada beans and rice sweet Habanero chili and granola so It says here One two serving sample of pasta Primavera one two serving sample of

Enchilada beans and rice so this is a Total of eight total servings which is Great Um this is like enough food for Like a couple of days in Outdoors so yeah and Okay Yeah so this is pretty much It that the food looks Looks amazing so i think this is a good Choice here But yeah we’ll see Next up is we do have the good to go co This is 100 canadian you will see here a Lot of freeze-dried survival food You can see here the vegetables do blend For 44.95 they have a 30-day food Storage emergency food supply Four-week emergency food supply that’s 2 000 plus calories per day Dehydrated chopped onions Pretty much Everything here so just click on the Items that you want like for example This one Let’s view that one Okay That So this is what it looks like if you Boil it So this is a blend of perf Is perfect for getting a variety of Healthy vegetables into your diet There’s some potato dices chopped onions

Carrot dices and cabbage flakes And so on Certified gluten-free just add water and Simmer so it’s pretty much um Easy it’s very easy to prepare just need Water and some Heater and some Fire so you can heat it up And Use for for long-term food storage yeah Shelf life app um up Up to 25 years which is great you can See here that’s 3 200 Total calories and this is 40 Servings so if you’re just one person And you have this you have like If you wanted to eat like once a day This is 40 days of Servings Which is great so there’s a lot of Freeze-dried survival food here and good To go So yeah if you want some fries A freeze dried survival food this is The place to buy some All right So next up is a wise company this is a Qualified store uh quality food Storage as an as as you can see this is Like big serving so this is like for 60 Serving meat Buckets and you can see here it’s for 279.99

You can see here freeze-dried meat and Poultry bucket with rice So this Uh is up to 15 years if Freeze-dried food is up to 25 and also This one The wise food is up to 15 years which is Great as well so easy to prepare Extended shelf life and made in usa So you have a lot of um A lot of uh Choices here Okay and these are Reviews from their customers And Here are some frequently asked questions So How should i store my food this is Exactly Um Important For For storing Such foods In your house Or Or somewhere At least you have some if you have some Questions it’s already here and You know if you if your answers are Already if your questions are already Answered then you can just go ahead and Buy Their

Product so let’s just go ahead and click On this one this is a 120 Serving Entree only grab and go bucket let’s try That one Okay So yep made in usa extended oh this one Is up to 25 years Lightweight sealed in small individual Pouches in an easy to carry bucket Easy to prepare just Add water Hot or cold That is that easy so this is what it Looks like Of course it’s served in in a bowl but You know this is what the food looks Like so it looks delicious And it serves 60 uh it’s it will give you 60 servings Here Under under this is the description Oh sorry 120 serving oh okay 120 serving Freeze dried emergency food supply Um To avoid waste each pouch conveniently Contains four Servings Grab and go handles for easily for easy Transport in an emergency 25 year shelf life What’s included Here like two pouches of cheesy lasagna A total of eight servings

Three pouches of creamy pasta a total of 12 servings two pouches of pasta alfredo Um a total of eight servings and etc so If you like more on pasta and pot rice This is it like macaron macaroni here Nutritional facts as well if you want to Check here it is And yeah so what i like about wise food Is that it’s really Um It gives you the details that you really Wanted the The nutritional facts The the What is included in that um pack and the Description And of course it’s up to 25 years so It’s You can just go ahead and buy it and Just save it up to 25 years it’s really Great for emergency Purposes So that’s why it’s company next up is The xmre blue line so This is a case of 12 So high quality shelf stable components This is Uh For emergency emergency so this contains Entrees of two to three side items a Beverage and an an accessory kit Including spoon napkin condiment kit and An optional flameless russian heater so This is great this is for 100 uh 125

Dollars And you can see here here’s the features Full of cooked meals so again it’s Already fully cooked no water required To reconstitute food so no refrigeration Required this is lightweight durable and Waterproof packaging Extended shelf life um Lot number for pac date emboss on the Back and pretend printed on a case Uh configuration it is 12 mils per case Six menus per case and solid cases If it is upon request so you can see Here the component details for the uh For the entrees we have the variety of Beef tuna chicken pork pizza or Vegetarian options So this is great because if you are a Vegetarian there’s like an option to it And for the side item crackers breads or Tortillas Peanut butter cheese cheese bread fruit Jellies fruit jams not raisin mix Peanuts dry food mix and So on for the beverage there is single Or assorted food fruit flavored drink Mixes or others available and for the Accessory kit include spoon napkin and Some may include condiments and or moist Towelette Um this is pretty good if you think that It’s gonna be like a lightweight um A little bit of a lightweight Uh

Because this is what it looks like There you go so that is for 125 Dollars And yeah so that’s it again it’s Xmre blue line wise company Um good to go co New mana and Um Quick care So yeah thank you so much for watching And i’ll see you on the next video