Survival Clothing Tactics & Tips For Survival | Essential Wilderness Survival Items Series

Survival Clothing Tactics & Tips For Survival | Part 3 of our Top 10 Essential Wilderness Survival Items Series

Nature is unpredictable, so be prepared for sudden weather changes. Pack an extra layer of clothing to withstand the most extreme conditions you could encounter.

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Winter has finally rolled around and we can’t wait to get inside our cozy homes. Though some people love the cold, others dread the season’s chill. Luckily, there are ways to keep yourself warm in the wild. The following are some of the best insulators you can use in the wilderness.
Down: The undercoat of waterfowl provides a fantastic insulator, but it also tends to mat up and is not ideal in the cold. This makes down a poor choice for use in survival situations. Down is also not very breathable. Hence, it is a poor choice for survival situations. This can cause the wearer to get chilled very easily. Instead, you can stuff your clothing with insulating materials such as packing peanuts and other materials.
Natural materials: Many animals have evolved to be insulated from the cold. Porcupines have two types of fur: an inner coat and an outer one. Porcupine fur is completely waterproof, while the outer coat is tough and lightweight. It is reusable and ultra-portable. Reusable, these products will save your money. And they will make a perfect choice for survival! If you want to stay warm in the cold, you should invest in insulation that can help you stay warm and dry.

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Hi this is anna martinez and thank you So much um for clicking this uh video And so we are going to talk about the Third um top essential wilderness Survival item This one is under insulation so Insulation like jacket Hot a hat Gloves rain shell and thermal underwear Um so nature is unpredictable so be Prepared for sudden weather changes so Pack an extra layer of clothing to Withstand the most extreme conditions You could encounter So especially in the u.s there’s a lot Of places where it’s going to get cold Suddenly you know and so Especially if you’re going outside if You’re going to Go camping you need it you need an extra Layer of clothing just in case it gets Really cold All right so i’m going to show you five Sites where you can buy Um Jackets so we’re talking about here Jackets all right so we have Drift creek outdoors We have overland Um we have free country We have golf x And we have rush order tees And so these are the five sites that we Can actually buy good um jackets

All right so for drift creek this is What their site looks like so it says Here the great outdoors are calling time To get dressed that’s so cool So it says here women’s drift Um hooded jacket We have men’s drift hooted jacket Women’s storm block soft shell vest There is also like a featured product Here which is The men’s tundra tech included uh rain Jacket this is around 109.95 To And 113.95 Cents all right so there’s um also we Have Some Hats here as well So if you’re gonna go Scroll down you’re gonna see here there Is the love of wild nature in everybody That’s a coat here which is i love And Here you can see outwear rain gear Headwear and gloves also for the same With women for the children there is Rain gear Alright so if you’re going to scroll up For example you wanted to buy The men’s drift tech hooded jacket And if you go ahead and click on that One We’ll see there you go you will see here

Um the details like this is around 75 95 To 79 45. you can select the color that You want this is like cool gray And black and there is also the size is It going to be extra small too small Until Um 4xl And then just click the quantity that You want and then add to cart um and Then Below that there is the description like 100 polyester interlock water resistant Drill cords and At hood and waistband zippered hand Warmer pockets uh tech sleeve pocket so There’s like an additional information Here like the color and the size And there you go so there’s like also a Related product Um like the pants uh And so on So There it says here You can just go ahead and click It’s as simple as that just click on the Color that you want and the size then Add to cart and then you’re good to go All right so it’s not just There uh it’s not just drift creek Outdoors so we have also Overland so this is established 1973. You can see here there’s women There’s like

Coats and clothing there’s likes leather Jackets fur coats wool coats reversible Coats and there’s also footwear and Accessories like Gloves scarves and belts also with men It’s pretty much the same And there’s like coats and jackets boots Slippers Hats accessories rugs and home And everything so you can see here Um Their products which is perfect for A cold Weather And as you can see here there’s like the Overland story Um it’s with the bale of ship skins and Sailing machine And everything so it’s Really authentic [Music] And Um there’s like You can shop bomber jackets Click on that one And then See here one moment there you go so true American classics bomber jackets have Been style icons uh since world war ii When they kept piles warm at high Altitude so finer rug durable leather or Shaped skin bomber today so to click on Women if you’re a woman and then man if You’re a man

And you can see here Um pretty much uh you can click i’m not Sure if you can see it here but you can See here the gender Department like we found blazers from Bomber jackets Ponchos and stuff and then there’s Length And Some material if you want like this is Like uh you’re Actually Um Pretty much pinning down into the most Detailed Uh description of your jacket if you Wanted like reversible coats but you Wanted it to be a Leather then just click on leather and Click on reversible coats and it will Show you The product that is under that one so For example if this is what you like the Classic ship scan b3 bomber jacket with Detachable hood just click on that one And you can see here it’s a 4.9 star Review there is a 372 reviews which is Great And we can see here the classic Sheepskin B3 bomber jacket with detachable hood Description Says here the price which is 5.95 and The color says here that that there is

Dark brown and cream Okay click click okay Oh there you go this is black black And dark brown and cream There you can maximize it if you want Scroll down and you will see The details Okay if you’re satisfied with that just Click on the size so You should know by now the size of your Body so that you can actually choose it Here Okay All right and there’s also if you don’t Know which is great there’s a view size Guide here So This is an inch so you should have at Least A Tape measure That is with inches and then you can Just go ahead and check your Size here and You should know where you should fall if This is under 16 40 to 36 and 3 34 and a half then you’re in the large Section And there is also how to measure which Is great this is where you measure the Neck the sleeve should be here until Here the chest should be um In front and also at the back of her

Chest Also with the waist and the in stream so There’s a description with it if you’re Not Happy If you’re happy sorry if you’re happy And if you have questions just call them At this number All right So again if you like that click the size Click the quantity and add to cart so it Says you’re in stock and orders placed Within the next six hours and 31 minutes May ship today so this is a free two day Shipping Okay If you don’t want to put it Into the cart just add two wishlists So Again Is this you can click this for more Details and if you need more help click On that one and here is the details of The jacket so just click on i just Scroll down and you will see it so this Is made in turkey This is ship skin care that is the Product here to be exact And Yeah so there’s like free shipping and Returns this is also for international Orders as well which is great And So you can see here

The makers these are the details this is How they do the jackets that’s why it’s Like premium is really good And it’s Great and you can see here the reviews As As i have said earlier this is 4.9 Reviews uh sorry Star reviews and then there’s 372 customers it says here the product Is amazing keep the warm uh Is amazing keep me warm and best part no Need to put on layers It says your hands down the best Sheepskin out there i was in the market For a long time and i’m so glad i pulled The trigger on this one easily out Classes jackets and cost double or more That cost double or more and you will Not be disappointed as you can see here It’s the latest november 29 2021 which is great so Yeah so this is Over land all right next up Is Free country so as you can see here i’m In under men’s jackets and vests so you Can see here as well you can just or you Can already pick a color The price range Um The size the color the price range and The feature like is it like fleece Lining hidden wood water resistant etc

So it’s up to you and then you can see Also here their best seller Um And they can see here the reviews How much and the colors available so if You click on this one Okay You will see here the colors and the Sizes And if you want to add um embroidery you Can There’s an additional 9.99 And then you can see here the items in Stock so it says here the order in the Next six hours and 26 minutes you get Men’s free cycle jack frost 3 in one System jacket by wednesday december 8th With expedited shipping at checkout if You want some details and features just Click on this one You can see here it’s 100 polyester With the sizes like this one four Bottles eliminated from landfill wind Resistant water resistant three in one System There’s also like a lower inseam zipper Closed pockets interior pocket drop tail Full zip front so if there’s like if you Have any questions regards shipping and Returns there is like a holiday return Policy shipping policy And it says your free country offers Free ground shipping on all orders 69 Or more in the u.s and flat rate

Shipping for orders less than 69 And for experts and expedited orders So there’s a this is like the um Details regarding the shipping policy And the return policy It says Yeah there’s like free there’s like a Standard shipping orders less than 69 so That’s 5.99 Um for two-day shipping it’s 14.99 and for standard overnight it’s 29.99 So it says they’re shipping to alaska Hawaii and outlying Uh islands may take an additional one to Two days so Yeah and there’s also like a shipping Rates below for from For alaska hawaii and other outlying Islands So for canadian and international orders Unfortunately at this time we do not Ship Internationally so I think this is on hold for now So yeah Returns and stuff so yeah this is Basically free country you can choose um The reviews here is 4.7 specifically for This for this jacket and says here great Multi-layered jacket to these for these Cold michigan winters so yeah And this is just a femme 2621 Great quality

As you can see there’s like a good um Ratings for this Product alone so Yeah so this is Free country All right Next up is Golf x so here it’s like men’s special Ops tactical soft shell jacket this one To be specific and these are the colors Available you can click on that one so You can see The design you can click on that one so That you can maximize a little bit And This is great because it’s versatile Soft shell tactical jacket with Waterproof polyester outer shell so this Is Already waterproof Three layer construction de deflects Wind wicks away moisture and retains Heat oh Great great one Um this is also a versatile Zippered pockets for storing essential Gear so there’s like Jackets ah sorry zipper everywhere and This is fleece Lined stand Up color with concealed removable hood So this is a removable hood as well This is a great actually look Let’s pick the lighter color so that is

What it looks like Great So it says shipping in two days we’ll Send an email with tracking and a Delivery date as soon as your product Leaves the warehouse there is also a Video here and Uh let’s click on that one here is the Sizes so you would know What size you should order um with this So basically just have a tape tape Measure with inches on it and then just Get your sizes with it and there is like Also Where to um Measure yourself There this is number one for example This is the chest width so that’s chest Width Um sleeve length And the jacket length so there you go so There’s like an instruction as well so If you don’t know your size just Um Have yourself Measured with a tape measure and then You will know your size And then there is also like a returns it Says here it’s easy and it’s free All right And then here are the pro Sorry product details So the features the specs and everything As you can see here these

Are the reviews And says they’re good deals i buy a lot Of sunglasses here Etc so there’s a lot Of reviews here Last but not the least We have the rush order tees this is Actually a custom jacket’s vest and Fleeces so design personalized jackets And outerwear this is really great if You want t-shirts sweatshirts and Hoodies Um like team uniforms and jerseys this Is really good actually at wear jackets Fleece jackets vest You can click on that and Like for example this one i choose Jackets And it says here this is a new product There’s eight colors available and if we Click on that one this is for adult We can see here The colors If i click on this one This is the color and you can start Designing there’s like a standard fit Com There’s a composite material and the Price is moderate The product description is below and Also here so adult is Small to 4xl So again you can click on the sizing Details so you would know your

Measurement And here are the other product details So There’s a code calculator just open code Calculator here if you want to know and This is how it works so just pick a Product Create your design and get it fast so There’s a lot of things here that you Wanted to customize then you can just go Ahead and click on that item but in this Case For the jackets this is also good To for for added um Layer Uh for Um yeah for added layer of Clothing you know to withstand uh the Condition if it’s like really cold So yeah so again Rush order tease golf x Oh Click on that one uh free country Overland and drift creek outdoors so Thank you so much for Um watching the video um my next one Will be under Illumination so thank you so much and Have a great day