Sun Protection Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival | Essential Wilderness Survival Items Series

Sun Protection Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival | Part 2 of our Top 10 Essential Wilderness Survival Items Series

Sun protection is necessary to protect your skin and eyes against harsh UV rays responsible for sunburns and skin cancer. Wear sunglasses, apply sunscreen, and wear a hat. Protective clothing such as pants and long sleeve shirts can also help minimize your exposure to the sun.

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It’s never too late to begin your sun protection routine. The Environmental Protection Agency rates the intensity of UV rays on a scale of one to eleven. The higher the number, the more UV you should protect yourself from. Avoid direct exposure to the sun, especially between 10am and 4pm, and find shade. Wear protective clothing and accessories to keep the sun out. Wide-brimmed hats, long-sleeved shirts, and sunglasses are all effective ways to block the harmful rays.

Use physical barriers to protect yourself from the sun. A wide-brimmed hat or scarf is an effective way to block UV rays. Choose a hat with a high brim, which keeps your face and neck cool. A baseball cap with a wide rim is an ideal choice. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses. While they may not be necessary, sunglasses will protect your eyes and reduce your risk of cataracts.

Make your own sun protection gear. While many natural materials, including long-sleeved shirts and blouses, can’t provide adequate protection, there are products specifically designed to block UV rays. Some brands have Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) ratings that indicate how effective these clothing pieces are at protecting your skin. For more information, check out the Ultraviolet Protection Factor rating of your clothing. The higher the number, the better.

Hi guys i’m back this is anna martinez Again So let’s go proceed with our top two Essential wilderness survival item Which is um Second one is sun protection So sunglasses sunscreen and hat Sun protection is necessary to protect And Protect your skin Your eyes against harsh uv rays Responsible for sunburns and skin cancer So You have to wear glasses apply sunscreen And wear a hat so protective clothing Such as pants and long sleeve shirts can Also help minimize your exposure to the Sun so we are talking about now about Hats so basically this is the most Important because when you are in a Desert desert You need At least a hat to at least minimize your Exposure to the sun And you also need a Hat or a beanie if you’re outside In a very cold Place To protect your Your head basically from freezing so I’ll give you five Um Sites Where i can show you where you can buy

Um those hats all right so first is Huck berry Alright so as you can see here we have The trending Hats So you can see the price and The description If you click on that one All right you can see or at least Go ahead and pick the color that you Want Okay just go ahead and refresh that All right there you go so This is what it looks like and just Click on that so you can See the details of your beanie and then If you want the mustard color just click On that one and this one is one size Only and you can click here the quantity You can also see here that it’s free Shipping And Um There is also a 98 Free returns If it’s like 98 above it’s going to be a Free returns Um so this also leaves warehouse in two To eight business days so if you’re Gonna if you’re going to scroll down You’re you’re gonna see Um You’re gonna see the description so it’s A warm watch cap knit from quick dry

Acrylic so This is basically the description and You can see the features the materials And the sizing here So also you can see here free again free Shipping At 98 And international ownership for free at 198 Um dollars so this is a free 1990 day Returns So it’s easy and Hustle free and they’ve extended um your Return window to 90 days to make sure You love Your new gear and also this is the best Price guaranteed It says here don’t wait for a better Deal will match a lower price 30 days After your order no questions asked Okay And there are more items in here as well And also with the shade so if you want To buy the same of the beanies or the Hats with the shades as well this is a Good sight All right so let’s go back And i’ve also featured here One more They’ve also featured Okay Pretty much every hat here Like uh This is a beanie

Map hat Camp hat Uh strap back So there’s a lot of Different kinds of caps and hats here Also they have to this one So because you can also see the mount to It So yeah this is basically huckberry All right let’s just crawl up All right next is Ray shop so if you’ve watched the first Video there is also a race up there Um so this is the second one this is Of course under hats or caps so as you Can see here there’s a 388 products and We have three articles So it says here Okay Let’s go back Okay so there’s like articles there if You have some like if you want to read Some articles then go ahead and so we Have 388 products well now what i like About Ray shop is that you can compare at Least To a minimum of two products a maximum Of four so if you want to compare this One To this beanie Also to this one and also this one there You go So

Let’s just go ahead and click compare So you can see The comparison of the four Um hats or caps And as you can see here there’s like a Lot of reviews here and the standing of The reviews And and you can see the best use of These types of Caps or hats So this is for snowboards this is casual Casual and snow sports And there’s a lot here the like the Fabric Um is it visor brim um Of course there’s like head Circumferences here you can see that There is some more detailed um Uh More detailed uh Thing That they um actually put in this uh Type of Cap And so you can see here if it’s like is It gender neutral like unisex or is it Good for women or for men All right so it says their Sustainability because also that it Contains recycled materials which is Great And there you go So From here you can actually compare these

Four Products that you wanted to compare And you know it depends on what product That you that really suits you For example that if you want to go to Like uh Like In a desert This is more practical Than the beanie So it depends on where you’re going and Where you are going to use it so There so this is what i like about Ray shop we can actually compare not Just the price but also the description The Fabric that had some circumference and Every and so on so yeah That’s ratio Next site is the american hat makers so You can also shop in for men and for Women All right so basically we’re just we’re Just going to go for men Um as you can see here this is the Ultimate wilderness and outback survival Hat they’re gonna Give you this one there’s like key Features including like this one fire Starter paracord hidden front flat pack Pocket removable flotation device Packable neck guard There’s like also a flashlight And so on so

There’s a lot of here and this is the Amount for the prepper survival tactical Hat If you click on that one that’s what it Looks like so pretty much it’s like Very tactical hat All right so that is for the american Hat makers but basically you can just go Ahead and look for whatever Hat that you want like the styles There’s like a cowboy fedora’s Pore pie white rim And for the types of the Hats that you want is it gonna be Leather it’s gonna be straw is it gonna Be vegan Beach hats and so on so you can click on Those and search for the best hat that You wanted so this is what it looks like So it’s super cool I think this is A good Um hat All right next one is This this is the custom-made beanies so It’s this is specifically if you’re Going to a colder cl um colder place Um like in alaska or In Whatever country that you want to go That there’s no um what i like about This is Basically You can customize your beanie

And it says there’s manufacturing Experts highest available quality Um Low minimums usa based team in-house Designers And 20 to five sorry two to five times Mark Up so Again you can actually customize your Beanie or design it so this is the step So select a beanie And then you can design a free mock-up And you can refine and then once you Actually like the design you can approve The design and then you can order So there is also like um Their style so the palm styles the Basics the women’s for kids for Caps and patches if you want to go for The basics you can just go ahead and Click on that one And There you go just click on whatever Design that she Basically wanted if you don’t want to Design your own beanie If you want it to be simple then just Click on them Just click on that just for example that One You can go ahead and search for it and Then click and then you’re good to go Also there is Um

An information here where you can Contact them If you if you don’t want to do this Online And also um here are the Reviews So here it says i strongly recommend Custom-made beanies we couldn’t be more Satisfied with the high quality of Materials and craftsmanship of our Costume boo Bicycle beanies so potential customers Are asking more about these hats than Our handmade bamboo race bikes imagine That And so on so there’s a lot of Comments or Reviews about them so it’s basically Good reviews which is great So yeah so this is regarding um Custom-made beanies All right next is wazzu survival gear Um basically just go ahead and click on This one This link and then um you can see here You can choose different kinds of colors That you want so what i like about this Wazoo Here you go There is description and specs so for Specs there is like the fabric it says Here is Yeah rip stop nylon there is an inside Features

Um reflective material forming an x for Signaling which is great Evaporative cooling high vis revis Orange mesh anti-glare black underbill There’s also pockets so three hook and Loop closure and main dome of hat One hook and loop closure middle of the Brim Two narrow slot pockets along edge of Brim and you can see here adjustability Adjustable sizing no snag hook and loop Closure So that’s what i like about this Hat And yes it says there are six hidden Pockets which is great And These are the Exact description Just write that uh just read it and You’re good to go for if you like it and Here are the reviews so 137 reviews is good and it has a 4.7 Reading and it says here just when you Think you have the best cap ever Um they went and made it even better It’s great and fits great high quality The compartments work well and the hat Doesn’t have the metal button which i Hate Um on top like A lot of baseball hats so it depends on You again which one you prefer So again uh the five sites where you can

Buy your hats for the survival tool or For your survival gear is wazoo Custom-made beanies American hat makers Ray shop and the huckberry so thank you So much for listening let’s go ahead and Go for the third which is Insulation thank you