STAINLESS STEEL HK STYLE SNAP HOOKS, 5 PACK Review | Titan Survival Product Review Cordage Category

STAINLESS STEEL HK STYLE SNAP HOOKS, 5 PACK Review | Titan Survival Product Review Cordage Category

TITAN Survival’s Stainless-Steel stamped HK-Style Hook Clips are large, extremely durable, and strong. Originally designed by Heckler & Koch, these versatile clips can be clipped into each other utilizing the integrated stamped hole in the body of the hook. Functioning similarly to a non-locking carabiner, they are very easy to manipulate with one hand and are not prone to accidental un-clipping due to the spring-loaded snap hook.

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Hi guys and welcome back to this video Um so we are on our Um seventh um item Under paracord accessories And This will be the stainless steel hk Style snap hooks That comes in five pack per pack Um and this is 23.98 All right so this is what it looks like The packaging and the item itself There you go So it comes with five In five pieces Just like so All right That one So it’s actually like that So it’s for this one There we go All right um here is the measurement so There’s like a 31.5 millimeter sling with 11 millimeters mouth opening 26 millimeters hook height 4 millimeters hook thickness and 6.2 Millimeters whole diameter All right and Again um They are probably supporting the wounded Warrior project since 2014 so Some of the portion um when Uh in when you buy a an item for titan Survival

We’ll you will go we’ll go directly to Wounded warrior project so Some some of the profits will be Donated to wounded warrior project so Which is a good thing All right so let’s scroll down so the hk Style snap hooks for the titan survival Stainless steel stamp hk style hook Clips are large extremely durable and Strong so originally designed by heckler And coach These versatile clips can be clipped Into each other utilizing the integrated Stamped hole in the body of the hook so Functioning Functioning similarly to a non-locking Carabiner They are very easy to manipulate with One hand and are not prone to accident Unclipping due to the spring-loaded snap Hook so if you want to clip into a solid Point all you have to do is press the Gate of the clip against the solid point And the gate will open and then And can be clipped one-handed to unclip Just use your thumb to press the gate Open Pull up Pull up to release the tension and Remove the hook so this is the hook clip That we Or they recommend for their slings So for the product features so Quality you can count on so this five

Pack of premium stainless steel titan Survival hk style hook clips can be used For all of your premium sling crafting Projects All of these clip hooks are black and Come with the titan survival logo laser Etched into the finish So the snap hook dimensions um these hk Hooks have been designed to fit sling Webbings Of up to 1.25 inches or 31.5 millimeters In diameter and have a mouth opening of 11 millimeters hook length is 26 Millimeters thickness is 4 millimeters And hole diameter is 6.2 millimeters So for the large and sturdy these are Not mini hooks that you can barely get Around uh belt loops so their hk style Hook clips are large Extra sturdy and incorporate strong Return springs for reliable action so Perfect for any ceiling backpacks Shoulder bags keychains or other items You want to use them on so designed for Crafters who create a premium custom Products They will easily lock into Onto required ring attachments so it Works great in a one or two point Position with no Slippage and a single or dual point each Of their hk style clips can be used in Either single or two point sling Configurations

For single point configurations simply Hook one of the hkl hk style hooks into The round integrated stamp hole in the Other hook perfect for a hasty Carry So per unit specifications For the per unit per unit dimensions It’s 1.5 by 2 by point 15 inches which Is 37.36 By 51.73 By 4 millimeters so for the webbing slot It’s 1.2 inches or 31.6668 Sorry 31.68 millimeters for the hook Opening it’s 0.65 inches which is 16.5 Millimeters and per unit weight is 116 Grams or 4.1 ounces And load capacity is 250 pounds All right so Out or based on eight reviews 100 says It’s Five star So i’ll read some of Those uh for some of the reviews for you So Here Uh five star haven’t had a chance to use This yet but i have a couple Title survival products that use them And they have stood up well Another five services just received and Trying now appear solid in high quality Titan backs up their products and have No concerns

Pleased with all with other products i Have purchased as well give thumbs up on Customer service sign too Um Another five star i’m happy with the Titan products i have purchased Another 5 star These ss hooks were exactly what i was What i was looking for and needed titan Send them quickly and i will be shopping For a lot more from them keep up the Great work Thanks a lot for the product another 5 Stars so again A great review For another great review for another Titan Survival Product which is the stainless steel hk Style snap hooks that comes in five Packs so again this is 23.98 So just go ahead and click on the link Below on the description box where it Will directly um It will directly it will redirect you to This site and then just click add to Cart and buy and you’re good to go so Thank you so much for watching and i’ll See you on to the next one