STAINLESS STEEL D SHACKLES, BLACK Review | Titan Survival Product Review Paracord Accessory Category

STAINLESS STEEL D SHACKLES, BLACK Review | Titan Survival Product Review Paracord Accessory Category

Our M5 Stainless Steel D-Shackles for paracord bracelets are some of the strongest and highest quality D Shackles available today. With a tensile strength of over 1,600 lbs., and a working load of over 160 lbs., these shackles are perfect for premium paracord projects.

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Hi guys and welcome back so this will be Our last video under the power cord Accessories category So this is the stainless steel d Shackles that comes in five pack and the Color is black so this one is thirty Dollars and ninety eight cents and this Is what it looks like And Here Is the item itself There you go And you can see here um the Measurements This you can see the d thickness the d Inner diameter the gate opening The d length Hole diameter hole distance and the Tensile strength All right So let me just go ahead and read on These so the stainless steel d shackles Their m5 stainless steel d shackles for Paracord bracelets are some of the Strongest and highest quality d shackles Available today With a tensile strength of over 1 600 Pounds and working load of over 160 Pounds and these um These shackles are perfect for premium Paracord Projects so quality you can count on This five pack of premium

Uh stainless steel thailand survival D-shackles can be used for all of your Premium power cord crafts and survival Bracelet needs and all shackles are Black and come with the titan survival Logo laser etched into the finish And the dimensions of these power cord Shackles or buckles have been designed To fit most paracord bracelet and Survival bracelet configurations so the D thickness is three and over 16 inches D length is 1.4 inches D width is one inch Shackle length is 1.4 inches and the Shackle width is 0.5 inches Also it has a three position adjustable Clasp allows a single bracelet to fit Multiple wrist sizes Also perfect for crafters who design Premium paracord products and other Crafts So it can be Used in an emergency because of the Titan d shackles have a large gate Opening of Half inches or 13 millimeters which Makes attaching to The adjustment clasp or other equipment Very easy In addition This clasp can hold up to 160 1650 pounds in an emergency So for the product specs for the size The retail package is three by three by

One inches unit weight is one ounce or 30 grams and the tensile strength is 1650 pounds All right and so based on eight reviews Okay based on the eight reviews Seventy-five percent says it’s a Five-star and twenty-five percent says It’s a four-star so let me read some of Uh Some of those For you All right it says here five star if you Demand quality these are for you Another five star uh the product is Great and customer service is awesome For the four star it says high quality Shackles a little smaller than i Thought they would be but work great Four perfect for any little project i’m Sorry five that’s five star perfect for Any little project Five another five star well made and Sturdy No design flaws at all perfect for Making any sort of anklet or bracelet um Could very well make some amazing Lanyards as well Likely never to break as these are very Strong shackles And another five star says same as the Bow shackles Yeah so another great review for For titan survival uh specifically for The stainless steel

D-shackles so this is what it looks like Again there you go So this comes in five in a pack so That’s thirty dollars and ninety eight Cents again if you wanted to if you Wanted to look Um [Music] For these products just click on the Link below In in inside the description box just Click that and it will redirect you Directly to this page and it can just go On and search for the product for these Products to be specific and then you can Just go ahead and click add to cart or Buy now and then you’re good to go So thank you so much guys for watching Um this will be the last item under the Power cord accessories category and Thank you so much for your time and have A great day bye