Split King Adjustable Memory Foam Set | Mattress Review | Lancaster PA



John & Linda took time out of their day to share with us how happy they are with their adjustable mattress set. After 14 years of enjoying their first mattress set from Gardner’s Mattress & More they came back for a split king adjustable memory foam set. The ultimate in a customized sleep experience.

Linda uses her side of the bed to relieve back pain, swelling in her legs, reduce acid reflux and greatly reduced her hip replacement healing and rehab period by using the adjustable bed base. Linda’s favorite position to sleep in is with her head up and feet up curled up in a cozy little ball of comfort!

John uses his side of the bed to lift his head to eliminate snoring and help with acid reflux. Once John has rotator cuff surgery he will have a great mattress set to help with his shoulder rehab and cutting down the time it takes to heal up. No sleeping in a recliner for John!

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