Snuggle-Pedic Pillow and Mattress Review – My Bedroom Sleep Test To Find The Best!

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I finally got my new home and was in need of a new mattress and pillow to finally get the much needed rest between my hectic travel schedule, so I put it out to my friends and family that I was on the lookout for the best mattress and pillow out there and Snuggle-Pedic was the immediate response. I was a bit skeptical about those mattresses that come as a bed in a box, since I understand many of them are cheaply made, but Snuggle-Pedic was a top-rated company and even had the highest ratings on Amazon, so I gave it a go. I had a chance to meet the creator, Dr. Rick Swartzburg, a Chiriorpractor and sleep expert who gave me the run down on what I could expect and I told him I would review it with a fully honest appraisal as a person who cherishes a good night’s sleep! The results speak for themselves on the video, but I will say that both the Snuggle-Pedic mattress and pillow are amazingly comfortable and supportive. They definitely live up to the Snuggly name, since not only am I sleeping extremely well now, but it does feel to Snuggly to want to get out of bed! Oh…and there is something about the bamboo pillow that you will love…it is adjustable if you need to make it thicker or thinner and they even offer free customizations in addition to the free returns, so you can’t lose on the purchase even if for some reason it doesn’t work for you.

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