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Things to Do When You Can’t Sleep

There are many people that suffer from insomnia and they just cannot fall asleep easy. Here you can check out 10 simple tips that could help you to overcome the sleeplessness.

Are You Wondering, “What Is Restless Leg Syndrome?”

People with a sleep disorder often ask, “What is restless leg syndrome?” Restless leg syndrome, occasionally referred to as Ekbom’s syndrome, has as a primary characteristic of an irresistible urge to move the limbs, chiefly the legs. There is a need to get rid of uncomfortable sensations that lead to this need to move the legs in some manner, often by shaking or stretching the legs, sometimes by walking or pacing about.

Can I Buy a Pulse Oximeter for Home Use?

Traditional pulse oximeter use was in hospital in a number of important applications such as surgery and rehabilitation as well as life support. The idea being that the pulse oximeter was able to detect problems of low blood oxygenation in a non-invasive way before physical signs began to show and before the problem became more serious. Oximeters are also widely used in the diagnosis of sleep apnoea, a disorder whereby the patient’s breathing is interrupted either totally or partly during sleep.

A Case For Sleep

The purpose of sleep is to repair our minds and bodies from the stresses of the previous day. Just a few nights of shortened sleep can cause blunted memory retrieval, but chronic, long-term, sleep deprivation significantly impacts the brain and affects mood.

What Is Hypersomnia?

Hypersomnia is a common problem amoungst people nowadays. It is not to be confused with narcolepsy which is a more serious condition that has similar symptoms.

The Pillar Procedure – A 20 Minute Office Procedure to Stop Years of Snoring in Just One Visit

A 20 minute in office procedure can stop you or your loved ones years of horrific snoring in minutes. The Pillar Procedure is an FDA cleared in office procedure to eliminate the years of snoring you and your loved ones have been exposed to in just minutes. It is quick, easy and there is usually no down time. There is no need for painful surgical procedures that usually have limited success anymore. There is no need for those ridiculous oral appliances which do not work or are uncomfortable to wear. With the Pillar Procedure there is no compliance issue and there is no major surgery involved. In just minutes your years of snoring can be eliminated.

A Buckwheat Pillow? Why Would I Want To Buy One?

A buckwheat pillow? Why would anyone not want to buy one? That would be my way of answering the title question if it were asked of me.

Sleep Benefits

It’s sometimes very easy to over look the basics when we think of our health. We are usually tuned into the large things that affect our well being like, diet, smoking, and drinking alcohol, but how often do we think about sleep…

Before You Buy That Latex Mattress

Your back is aching, you have trouble breathing at night, and you can’t sleep. That lumpy, rough mattress on your bed is on its last coil, and you have decided it’s time to look into something that is not only comfortable but can benefit your overall health. Maybe you have heard about latex mattress and how organic materials built into the design work to support your body and help reduce your overall carbon footprint. These days, it’s not uncommon to want to help the environment, so perhaps investing in a natural latex mattress is one way to ensure the house is cleaner and you have something that lasts.

Anxiety – Fighting the Effects of Insomnia

One troubling aspect of generalized anxiety is loss of sleep. There are a few things you can do to mitigate the effects of anxiety based insomnia.

Insomnia: Do You Know Its Causes and How To Cure It Instantly?

Insomnia resulted in fatigue and continuous tiredness in your body. It is a big problem for many people. In this article, we will look at some suggestions on how to deal with insomnia, what is the causes and how to cure it once and for all.

Unknown Sleep Paralysis Symptoms

Sleep paralysis is a state of awareness that a person enters before falling asleep or before waking. Shortly before entering the sleeping state your mind paralyzes the body from 3 seconds to a few minutes.

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