Slingshot BigShot idrodisk

Meet the Big Shot iDrodisk, a new multipurpose towable and lounge made from cutting-edge inflatable technology. Safe for kids and adults alike, the iDrodisk blends the activity of tubing with a rugged, modern construction for a high-tech take on old-fashioned fun. Whether you’re gearing up for a full boat and an action-packed day or you’re ready for a mellow afternoon lounging around the lake or pool, the iDrodisk is an accessory you’ll enjoy. The iDrodisk is made from the same triple-ply, dropstitch construction as Slingshot’s popular Airtech inflatable stand-up paddleboards. This technology allows for a lightweight, high-performance, and exceptionally durable craft. Disk inflates to 15 psi for rigid structure and can be rolled up and stuffed into a storage compartment when not in use. Super cushy EVA deck pad is designed for comfort. Integrated into the board’s surface, the Handle Hanger grips your tow rope handle for hands-free riding. Comes with high-pressure pump, storage strap, and patch/repair kit. 250-lb. weight capacity. 5′ diameter x 4″H.

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