Sleepy Time ASMR: The Wizard of Oz

Snuggle under your blankets and close your eyes. It’s time for another Sleepy Time ASMR!

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Hello everyone my name is Elissa Rikulski and I am your friendly Neighborhood mattress reviewer At Instead of my usual mattress reviews Today I'm going to help you fall asleep With a soothing bedtime story today's Story is Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson So get comfortable and that's all under The covers fluff your pillow and relax As I read an excerpt from the classic Story Part one the old Buccaneer The old Sea Dog at the Admiral benbro Squire treilani Dr Lively and the rest Of these gentlemen having asked me to Write down the whole particulars about Treasure Island From the beginning To the end Keep nothing back But the bearings of the island island And that's only because there is still Treasure not yet lifted I take my pen In the year of Grace And go back to the time When my father kept the Admiral benbro In And the brown old seamen with the saber Cut first took up his lodging under our Roof

I remember him as it were yesterday Came plotting to the indoor his sea Chest following behind him and a hand Barrow a tall Strong Heavy nut brown man His hairy pigtail falling over the Shoulder of his soiled blue coat Hands ragged and scarred With black broken nails And the saber cut across one cheek A dirty livid White I remember him looking around the cover And whistling to himself as he did And then breaking out in that old sea Song that he's saying so often Afterwards And the high old daughtering of boys That seem to have been tuned and broken At the Capstone bars Then he wrapped on the door With a bit of a stick like a hand a Speck that he carried And when my father appeared called Roughly for a glass of rum This when it was brought to him he drank Slowly Like a connoisseur Lingering on the taste Still looking about him at the cliffs And up at our sign board This is a handy Cove Says he had a length And a pleasant created Grog Shop

Which company made My father told him no Very little company The more was the pity Well then that he this is the birth for Me Hear you matey He cried the man who trundled the Barrow Bring up alongside and helped my chest I'll stay here a bit He continued I'm a plain man rum and a bacon and eggs Is what I want And that head up there or to what shoves Off What might you call me You might call me Captain Oh I see where you're at there And he threw down three or four gold Pieces On that threshold You can tell me when I've worked through That he's as he looking as a fierce as a Commander And indeed bad as his clothes were And coarsely as he spoke He had none of the appearance of a man Who sailed before the mast But seemed like a meat or a skipper Accustomed to the obeyed or to strike The man who came in with the Barrow told Us The male had to set him down the morning Before at the Royal George

That he had acquired what ends there Were along the coast And hearing hours well spoken of I Suppose And described as lonely Had chosen it from the others for his Place of residence And that was all that we could learn of Our Guest He was a very silent Man by custom All day he hung around the Cove where Upon the cliffs with a brass telescope All evening he sat in a corner of the Parlor next to the fire and drank rum And water very strong Mostly he would not speak when spoken to Only look up sudden and fierce him whoa Through his nose like a foghorn We and the people who came out to our House Soon learned to let him be Every day when it came back from his Troll he would ask if any see fearing Men had gone by along the road First we thought it was the want of Company of his own kind that made him Ask this question But alas we began to see he was a Desirous to avoid them The same man did put up at the Admiral Benbow And now and then some did Making by The Coast Road from Bristol He would look in at him

Through the curtain door before he Entered the Parlor And he was always sure to be as silent As a mouse With any such was present For me at least there was no secret About the matter where I was in a way A sharer in his alarms You had taken me aside one day and Promised me a silver four penny on the First of every month If I would only keep my weather eye open Or a seafaring man with one leg And let him know the moment he appeared Often enough when the first of the month Came around I applied to him for my wage He would only blow through his nose at Me stare me down But before the week was out he was sure To think better of it Bring me my four penny piece and repeat The orders to look out for the seafaring Man with one leg How that person had haunted my dreams I Need to scarcely tell you Stormy nights when the wind Shook Four corners of the house And the surf Along the cove End up the cliffs I would see him in a thousand forms with A thousand diabolical expressions Now the leg would be cut off at the knee

Now at the hip Now he was a monstrous kind of creature Who had never had both the one leg And not in the middle of his body To see him leap and run and pursue me Overhead and did what's the worst of Nightmares And although I paid pretty dear for my Monthly four penny piece Or the shape of these admonable panties It was so terrified by the idea of the Seafaring man with one leg I was far Less afraid of the captain himself than Anybody who knew him There were Knights when he took a deal More rum and water than he that his head Would carry And then he would sometimes sit and sing His wicked old wild sea songs minding Nobody But sometimes he would call for classes Around and force the trembling company To listen to his stories Or bear chorus do his singing Often I have heard the house shaking With you oh and a bottle of rum All the neighbors joining in for dear Life with the fear of death upon them And singing louder than the other to Avoid remark Where in these bits he was the most Overriding companion ever known Hey what's a lap His hand on the table for silence all

Around He would fly up in a passion of anger at A question Or sometimes because none was put And so he judged the company without Following a story Nor would he allow Anyone to leave the Inn until he had Drunk him without sleepy and reeled off To bed This is where we end our portion of the Nighttime story Snuggle under the comforter get cozy and Have a great night's sleep