Sleep Ovation Mattress Review – Good or Bad?

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The SleepOvation Hybrid Mattress is an online-only, direct-to-consumer hybrid mattress. I slept on the SleepOvation mattress for 9 nights before making this video. In this video, I will tell you all about my impressions from my sleep trial. Bear in mind, this video is my impression only. Buying a mattress is a highly personal thing … shoot, buying a mattress is harder than buying a car!

Why is it called “700 Tiny Mattresses In One?” — each pocketed coil has its own comfort layer of high density foam on top. It’s designed for enhanced back support, pain relief, and it’s endorsed by several professional athletes, including Cara Poalillo from American Ninja Warrior.

The platform bed (frame) used in this review:
The mattress protectors I mentioned in this video:
– The Purple Mattress Protector:
– The Recci Mattress Protector:

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