Sleep Number Sheets Review – Are They The Best Cooling Sheets Of 2021?

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Want to sleep cool all night long? The Sleep Number True Temp sheets might be a good fit. Watch our review to find out if these are the sheets for you.

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0:00 Sleep Number True Temp Sheets Overview
0:56 Sleep Number True Temp Sheets Construction
1:48 True Temp Sheets Feel
2:01 Do the True Temp Sheets Sleep Hot Or Cold?
2:18 Care Instructions
2:32 Who Should Get The Sleep Number True Temp Sheets?
3:03 Who Shouldn’t Get The Sleep Number True Temp Sheets?
3:33 Additional Info
4:01 Are Sleep Number True Temp Sheets Worth It?
4:13 Do the Sleep Number Beds Require a Specific Pair of Sheets?
4:28 How Does True Temp Technology Work?
4:41 Wrap Up

Sleep Number is known for adding the most current sleep technology to their products and the True Temp sheets are no exception. These sheets will keep you cool throughout the night thanks to cooling technology in their construction.

In addition to their cooling technology, they’re designed to fit snugly against your mattress and not wrinkle. With True Temp, your sheets will no longer come off your mattress but will instead sit snug and tight against it.
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