Sleep Number Beds Review – Which Should You Pick?

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Have you been considering a Sleep Number mattress? We’ve got all the information you need in this video, plus some affordable, Helix mattress alternatives!

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There are three four lines in the Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed catalogue. You can choose from their Classic Series, their most affordable and basic models. If you want something without all the tech and want to save some money, consider the Helix Dawn or the Helix Twilight.

The Performance Series has some more cooling technology as well as thicker comfort layers. This will be comparable to the more affordable Helix Midnight mattress. The Innovation Series is their softest highest end mattresses. Consider the Helix Sunset Luxe if you want a cooling, high-end alternative that won’t cost as much.

Their Memory Foam series features one mattress, the m7. This gives you a memory foam feel along with the Sleep Number experience. Take a look at the Helix Midnight if you like a bit of that slow-moving, memory foam feel.

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Hey guys Martin here from mattress Clarity if you're looking for a new Mattress you've probably heard of sleep Number they're one of the most popular Brands on the market they offer some Great high-tech smart beds and today I Want to take a look at all of their 360 Smart bed mattresses one by one what Makes them so special who either get fit For and offer up some great other Mattress Alternatives there's a lot to Get into so let's get started I will not receive some of these Mattresses for free from Brands we may Earn a commission to decide to purchase Them this helps keep this content free For you and helps fund our testing Operations So first off what exactly is Sleep Number what makes them so special well They're known for their sleep number Technology this basically means they Have air Chambers in their support Layers with the use of a remote or your Cell phone you can inflate or deflate These air Chambers when you inflate it It's going to make the mattress firmer When you deflate it it's going to make The mattress softer this corresponds to Your sleep number sleep number is one You want something that's like a cloud Very very soft if you want 100 it's Going to be a rock all of the numbers in Between are going to be from very soft

To very firm as well there's some other Great Tech you find in these mattresses I'll get into that more specifically a Little bit later but I also want to note Though that sleep number is not for Everyone they are very high tech and They can be on the pricier side around Fifty four hundred dollars for their Most high-end model so I want to offer Up some great Alternatives from Helix Another company known for giving you Options with your mattresses they have Mattresses that range from various soft It's very firm they're not smart beds And they're a lot more affordable Usually than the Sleep Number mattresses So with each Sleep Number Mattress I'll Offer up a great Helix alternative let's Hop in So we'll start off with the classic Series the most basic models from sleep Number but while they are basic they Also feature all the great technology You expect from Sleep Number first off They have dual adjustability so each Side is adjustable you and your partner Can each control the firmness to your Desire so you want something firmer set That for your side your partner wants Something softer they can do that on Their side it also has something called Responsive Air Technology this basically Means that while you're sleeping it will Respond to your movements get firmer or

Softer automatically then we have sleep IQ technology basically a high-tech Sleep tracker in the Sleep Number bed Gives you a score in the morning of how Well you slept now there are two models In the classic series from Sleep Number First off you have the C2 model this is Going to be about eight inches tall with Two inches of a comfort layer and comes In around eleven hundred dollars for a Queen size the C4 the other models are On 1900 for a queen size but you get More material it is nine inches tall With three inches of a soft Comfort Layer To get the classic series mattresses Well first off it's a great option if You want a more affordable Sleep Number Mattress the most affordable mattress is From Sleep Number with also some of the Great Tech you expect from this company Also going to be a good option if you Like something on the firmer end now While you can control the firmness of These mattresses they're going to have a Thinner Comfort layer than what you find On the other seat number models because Of that overall they're going to have Less pressure relief so a better option For stomach sleepers and fans of firmer Mattresses also good option I think if You're a lightweight sleeper and want Something for a child they don't need a Very thick Comfort layer with their

Mattress Foreign So who shouldn't get the classic series Of Sleep Number mattresses first off not The best option if you want something Super luxurious again these are the most Basic models from Sleep Number there are More luxurious models from this company And from other brands as well also the Best option I think for side sleepers Because not the best pressure relief Again not a very thick Comfort layer on This mattress you might feel some Bunching up around your shoulders and Your hips and last but not least not the Best option for hot sleepers you're Going to find some more cooling features With the other Sleep Number mattresses And other mattresses as well Let's talk about some great Helix Alternatives namely the Helix Dawn and The Helix Twilights these both come at Around twelve hundred dollars for a Queen size both more affordable than the C4 mattress around the same price as the C2 mattress they're both firm mattresses Without all the high-tech technology but Very supportive at the same time so a Good match for stomach sleepers and fans Firmer mattresses also unlike the C2 and The C4 with the Helix Dawn and the Helix Twilight you can add a cooling cover for Even cooler night of sleep So next up we have the performance

Series this is going to be a step up From the classic series it's going to Have some more Comfort layers and some Extra features as well but you're also Going to find in these mattresses dual Adjustability responsive Air Technology And sleep IQ technology but the main Difference between the performance Mattresses and the classic series Mattresses is going to be found in the Comfort layers the thicker Comfort Layers that is and looking at each model One by one we have the P5 model this is 10 inches tall with a four inch Comfort Layer it's going to be around 2 700 for A queen size then we have the PSE the Special edition this is also going to be 10 inches tall with a four inch Comfort Layer but also some extra cooling Features this is around three thousand Dollars for a queen size now last up we Have the P6 mattress this is going to be 11 inches tall five inches of comfort Layer and it comes in around thirty two Hundred dollars for in size So who should take a look at the Performance series mattresses first Stopping is a very good option for side Sleepers back sleepers and combo Sleepers those who switch between side And back specifically again you can Control the firmnesses of these Mattresses but you have a softer kind of Feel right on top but also a good

Balance of comfort and support so good For side and for back as well with this Kind of balanced feel a good option for Couples too because you're each going to Get kind of the firmness that you want With this mattress something kind of Right down the middle Now in terms of who shouldn't get the Performance series probably not the best Option for stomach sleepers again you Can make this mattress on the firmer end But the top is still going to be a Little bit too soft for stomach sleeping And off of that not the best option if You just like a firmer mattress overall A great Helix alternative though to The Sleep Number performance series I want To talk about the Helix midnight Mattress the most popular model from Helix it comes in around twelve hundred Dollars for a queen size much more Affordable than the performance series From sleep number but it's also a Fantastic mattress with a very good Balance of comfort and support close to Six and a half or seven on our firmness Scale so about a medium firm mattress a Good option for back sleepers side Sleepers and combo sleepers as well Again with the performance series the Good option for couples and if you're a Hot sleeper you want something more Cooling like the performance series Special edition mattress take a look at

The optional cooling cover with the Helix midnight gonna have some great Heat dissipation and feel cool to the Touch as well Moving on to the Innovation series we Had the most luxurious mattresses from Sleep number and the most pricey as well These are all going to have the same Technology you get with the other Mattresses namely have the Dual Adjustability responsive Air Technology And sleep IQ technology but you get a Lot more with these mattresses as well Namely temperature regulating materials A cooling cover and also much thicker Comfort layers looking at each model one By one first off we have the I8 mattress This is going to be 12 inches tall with A six inch Comfort layer it's going to Be around thirty nine hundred dollars For a queen size then we have the Ile The limited edition this is also going To be 12 inches tall with a six inch Comfort layer around fifty four hundred Dollars for a queen size and last but Not least the creme de La Creme we have The I-10 mattress this is going to be 13 Inches tall with a 7 inch Comfort layer It's going to be around 5400 dollars for A queen size So who should get the Sleep Number Innovation series first off it'll be a Very good option for larger people in General the thick Comfort layer

Specifically larger side sleepers you Shouldn't bottom out on this mattress And push into the more firm supportive Layers you'll better pressure relief on Your shoulders and your hips In general a good option for side Sleepers these are going to be the Softest overall mattresses from Sleep Numbers so some good pressure relief on Your shoulders and your hips Also good option to use this like a Softer mattress overall or if you're a Hot sleeper with the Innovation series Some very Advanced cooling features So who shouldn't get the Innovation Mattresses first off you want a firmer Mattress overall not the best option for You with these thick Comfort layers Definitely going to be on the softer Side and also the best option I think if You are a stomach sleeper might not get Enough support under your hips they Might bow in and you get out of Alignments and lastly speaking of price These are the most high-end Sleep Number Mattresses around fifty four hundred Dollars for a queen size a good deal for What you're getting but it might be Outside of some people's price ranges Foreign There are some great Helix Alternatives As well first off you're a larger person Taking a look at the Innovation series Take a look at the Helix plus mattress

This is made specifically with heavier People in mind you have some very Durable high density Foams supportive Coils a good option for heavier sleepers Again made specifically for heavier People and much more affordable than the Sleep Number mattresses around Seventeen Hundred fifty dollars for a queen size And if you're a side sleeper you want Something more on the plush end take a Look at the Helix Sunset Lux this is one Of the most high-end mattresses from Helix and also one of their softest as Well you still get a lot with the Helix Sunset Luxe mattress namely on top a Thick plush pillow top offers great Pressure relief for your shoulders and Your hips for side sleeping and some Great cooling as well it's going to help With heat dissipation and it's very Breathable too last you want to make it As luxurious as possible you can pair it With the Helix adjustable base So last up we have Sleep Numbers memory Foam option the M7 mattress this is Going to have all the functionality you Expect from a Sleep Number Mattress Namely dual adjustability responsive Air Technology as well as sleep IQ Technology it's also going to have some Temperature regulating materials as well But in addition to that you get slow Moving memory foam right on top of the Mattress cooling memory foam it's going

To be very comfortable it's going to Give you that slow moving feel with this Mattress to be 11 inches tall with a Five inch Comfort layer and for a queen Size around 3 900 dollars So who should take a look at the M7 Mattress first off it's a great option For fans for that slow moving memory Foam feel you need the Sleep Number Experience but also that kind of Comfortable quicksandy feel right on top Of the mattress It's also a good option I think for side And back sleepers a good balance of Comfort and supports and last a good Option for hot sleepers while it does Feature memory foam it has some great Cooling features as well So who shouldn't get the M7 mattress First off not the best option if you Don't like that memory foam feel if you Like something bouncier and more Responsive I look at one of the other Models also not a good option I think For stomach sleepers again are going to Be on the softer more comfortable end Stomach sleepers should look at one of The firmer models from this company and Lastly speaking of price around 3 900 For a queen size definitely a pricier Memory foam mattress Offer a more affordable option from Helix namely the Helix midnight mattress For a queen size around twelve hundred

Dollars much more affordable than the M7 Mattress but at the same time you get That kind of slow moving memory foam Feel right on top of the mattress at the Same time some good support from the Coils a good option also for back and Side sleepers and with a cooling cover a Good option for hot sleepers as well At this point you should know which Sleep number or Helix mattress is right For your situation but if you want any More information head over to for the full written Review and some great money saving Coupons we'll see you next time