Sleep in the NFL – Sleep Number – Tom Brady 2019

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Abbreviated Transcript
Sleep in the NFL
At CES 2019 the Key Note speaker for day 1 of the Digital Health Summit was CEO of Sleep Number Shelly Ibach. She shared how Sleep Number has partnered with the NFL to promote their brand by improving the players performance through sleep. Each player receives a Sleep Number 360 smart bed which uses technology to track your sleep. In the morning it gives you a score of how well you slept so you can make changes to your behavior to improve your sleep.
This type of sleep tracking will become the new normal for everybody and not just the NFL Pros. Many athletes of all types are looking to improve their sleep to gain an edge. This is because research shows that your physical and mental performance can hinge on the recovery you get the night before. But what if your sleep tracker shows you are getting poor sleep quality. Then what? That is where QSS comes in. Along with behavior changes, if you have a physical sleep disorder like sleep apnea you need to get that addressed and treated right away at our clinic because it will dramatically improve your sleep quality and in game performance.
One of the best performers in the NFL is the probably the best sleeper. Tom Brady has consistently stated that he takes his sleep serious as part of his fitness routine. He even has gone so far as to endorse two mattress companies and has a line of performance pajamas. Now I don’t think swapping out my T-shirt and gym shorts night wear for Brady’s performance PJ will get me to the super bowl. But what I do know is that if you are an athlete of any kind, be it football, soccer, baseball, team sports, weight lifting or even E-sports I highly recommend you get an at home sleep study to see what your sleep quality is now. You might be surprised what treatment can do for your performance.

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