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Sleep EZ the Original Mattress Factory

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Sleep EZ the Original Mattress Factory


Sleep EZ is the original mattress factory that’s been selling custom latex mattresses online for three generations.

Many terms and catch phrases are used to describe latex mattresses in today’s marketplace. We are the defacto market leader when it comes to manufacturing mattresses and selling them online!

Our mattress sizes include all popular models: Twin, Queen, King and each mattress is individually customized for you.

We know our stuff, we’ve refined our manufacturing process by customizing tens of thousands of latex mattresses for satisfied customers all over the U.S.

A customized latex mattress is a thing of beauty to us – we help you design a layered mattress ensuring each bed partner is comfortable, with a level of firmness and support that matches your needs and sleep habits.

Every customized latex mattress we manufacture here in the U.S. uses 100% of the finest natural fabrics sourced in Europe and Asia, using Talalay Latex, Dunlop Latex or a combination of the two.

You’ll find latex rubber being confused with memory foam, which is the prime component in the much advertised “Tempur-pedic’ mattress line. LATEX FOAM RUBBER IS NOT MEMORY FOAM. THEY ARE AS DIFFERENT AS NIGHT AND DAY.

Latex foam rubber is classified as a natural product in the “Rubber” family-even when blended with a portion of synthetic latex. Memory foam is classified as a man made synthetic product in the “Foam” family. There is nothing about memory foam or any foam product that would ever fall into the “natural” category.

In this latex buyers guide we will stick with latex and start with an overview of concrete facts. We hope the following information will assist you in making your buying decision by adding clarity and understanding about what latex is, how it differs from other cushioning materials, and its benefits.

We manufacture mattresses from 100%NATURAL LATEX…using the “DUNLOP PROCESS.” from the sap of the rubber tree manufactured using the dunlop process.

Only 40% of the milk of the rubber tree is latex and must be extracted prior to undergoing the dunlop process of pouring and curing. Early natural latex would vary in consistency and quality from manufacturer to manufacturer, because there was no standard for how much of what was tapped from the rubber tree was used.

Some mattress manufacturers might use a greater percentage of the sap instead of reducing it down to its purest form. Thus a company using 70% of the sap would have a lower cost in their finished product than the company using the latex reduced to its purer 40% of the sap from the tree.

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