Simple Trick to Buy a House With No Money Down

Spencer Cornelia is on a path towards financial independence at a very early age. After buying his first property using seller financing, he set out on a path for finding great deals with high profit margins.

Since his first deal, Spencer has had a hunger for getting creative with buying real estate and not playing by traditional rules. Within his first year of investing, he bought a 4plex off-market using seller financing, two flips out of state, and a house hack that generates $3,600 a month in rent, even with him living in the property.

Follow along on his journey going from $0 to financial independence. Make sure to like the video, share it with your friends who need some help, and subscribe. He will be sharing every detail with you, and most importantly, letting you know exactly how you can do the same.

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In order to buy a house with no money, an investor will need to offer the owner of the property an option for creative financing. Creative financing presents a never ending amount of opportunities for a renter to purchase a house with no money down.

Follow the entire video to see how I perform a fake call to present an opportunity for a property owner to let you buy a house with no money down.

If you are a renter and are struggling with figuring out how to buy a house, then watch the entire video to see how I describe a form of creative financing, known as lease option, to give you the chance to purchase your property from the owner with no money down.

Many property owners would be interested in selling their property if you can present the following options:
Guaranteed renter in the property for the entirety of the contract.
They no longer have to pay for maintenance, repairs, property management, or marketing money or time when finding a new tenant.
Save a lot of money in closing costs – it’s very stressful and costly to sell a property

The benefits to the purchaser of the property are:
You don’t have to deal with the bank or a lender
You don’t have to worry about the qualification process
No money down
You can act as the owner during the lease option period
The owner cannot break the contract
Equity built over the lease option period is your equity

I will be making plenty of videos covering creative financing and how to buy properties with no money down.

Creative financing allows for you to buy property without dealing with the qualification standards of a bank. If you don’t have the prerequisite w2 pay stubs, work history, DTI within a specific range, high credit score, or down payment, you may not be able to purchase a home.

My first real estate deal was using a seller carry where the seller never checked my credit, bank statements, my income, or my DTI. And I was able to purchase the property with only $20k down, which was equivalent to ~8%. If I had used a bank, I would have needed another $45k in cash.

This video is about seeing what’s possible and I want you to understand that you can own property without qualifying for a mortgage through a lender.

Assume that you’re renting a condo, townhome, or house. Call your landlord and ask if they’d be willing to sell the property to you. You offer full value for the property, you tell them you will save them 6% agent fees, you will handle all maintenance and repairs, and you will purchase using a lease option. Also known as rent to own.

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Spencer Cornelia is located in Las Vegas, NV. His background is in sports as he graduated from Georgia Southern University with a degree in Sport Management. Previous to his attending GSU, he was a member of the Catawba Indians collegiate baseball team, a nationally ranked division 2 school located in Salisbury, NC.

While working numerous internships and sales jobs within the sports industry, Spencer determined that his future was brighter than low level salary jobs and counting down the days until the weekend.

After switching careers into the tech industry, Spencer decided that real estate would be the most lucrative side hustle in order for him to reach his goals.

During the appreciation boom witnessed in Las Vegas, he was able to purchase a condo to house hack, watch as the value rose in 24 months, and sell for a large profit.

Since then, he has begun accumulating properties. Follow along on his journey as he shares how he went from $0 to financial independence in a short time frame. Throughout the journey, he will provide you with every tip you will need to become financially free as well.

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