SILVERPLUS® WASHABLE FACE MASKS 3 PACK Review | Titan Survival Product Review Clothing Category

SILVERPLUS® WASHABLE FACE MASKS 3 PACK Review | Titan Survival Product Review Clothing Category

This durable 3-Pack of washable face masks is made from two layers of SILVERPLUS® treated fabric, and features elastic ear loops and a center flat seam that ensure a close fit. It’s machine-washable and reusable. Sold in packs of 3.

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All right Hi guys and welcome back to another Video for the clothing category so on Our Second item about third item but second On this video Um category this is the silver plus Washable face mask three per pack and Comes in one color which is black So this is Um 19.50 Cents with a medium and small size So you can definitely see the medium is Basically for men and for women it’s Small so this is what it looks like when Worn This is it this is on the side view Semi-side view Like that There you go So it comes in one color so it’s a Washable face mask and this durable Three pack of washable face mask is made From two layers of silver floss Treated fabric and features elastic ear Loops and a center flat seam that ensure A close fit so it’s a machine washable And reusable sold in packs of three so For the features there’s two layers of Fabric fabric is 100 polyester Finish is 95 cotton and five percent Spandex so fabric is produced with Silver plus technology Um it contains a biocide for hygiene and

Um freshness based on silver chloride And flat seam in the center of the mask Elastic ear loops Washable and reusable Made in the eu Are Yeah europe i guess Sold in packs of three so if you order To order The 19.50 you have three washable masks And that’s great so these masks aren’t Considered medical equipment yeah again Like what i’ve previously um Previously [Music] Um Talked about With the uh gated with the neck With this one I’ll go back sorry Uh with this one Camouflage neck gator so Both of these are not medical equipment Medical Yeah it’s not considered as a medical Equipment so for example if you’re like Traveling if you want to travel abroad Right now during the pandemic I do believe that airports have a Specific or have their specific um Requirement Mask requirements Um when boarding the plane

So I i’m not sure i’ve just watched a Couple of videos on youtube Two couples actually went To Um austria and they said that they have Us uh the Airplane or the um Um The airport has a specific mask Type of masks that they want to for you To wear there’s like a specific not just The medical grade Masks but the specific way i forgot if It’s k95 or k something like that so Uh yeah before traveling i suggest that You like this is like a sideways note Let’s just go ahead and check on to the Airports that you will go to and if they Have like a specific type of um Mask so going back here right now again These aren’t considered medical Equipment so these are good like walking In the park going inside a mall or like Going To your work if you’re like um if you Wanted to wear a mask yeah this is a Great one Um What i like about this is it has a Ear loop where it’s really stretched It’s like it It’s perfect for your ears because some Ear loops are like very small to some

People so it’s like It’s bending a little bit of their ear Or something like that so i like about This is it’s adjustable Yeah All right Um again suppliers suggest size medium For men marked with a green thread Around of the mask loops And such suppliers suggest size Um Small for women mark with a red thread Around off the mask loops so there you Go if you’re a woman just go ahead and Order this small Small size So the face masks have been produced Using the unique silver plus technology And it prevents the growth of bacteria Which can cause unpleasant odors Discoloration staining And deterioration to Normal mask so there you go you can Definitely see the center of the the Size guys this is the set of front Height in inches ear loop width in Inches and upper width interest So there you go So based on five review 60 says it’s Five star and forty percent says it’s a Four star so i’ll read to some of those Reviews for you so for the four star Here Just as four star five star four star

Everything was great and i am enjoying Purchase however was disappointed with The cheap plastic credit card style Magnifying glass i expected one like in The picture Okay all right great purchase once one Everyone wants one everywhere i go People ask where did you get that mask i Tell them titan survival i gave one to a Friend of mine that is an auctioneer he Uses it while doing auctions needless to Say this is a great product very well Made comfortable to wear and looks good Too The The transaction was quick and as was the Shipping i will continue to purchase Great products from titan survival Another five this item is super soft and Is super comfortable to wear if you have Uh if you have to wear a mask i would Highly recommend you make it a Comfortable one which is correct because A lot of masks right now are really um Uncomfortable Uh It’s You know it’s sometimes if you buy the Wrong mask it’s not really breathable And it’s like itching Your face or your nose or your mouth Area so it what makes you want to touch Your those areas so yeah it’s not a good Type of um washable masks

So yeah Again this is 19.50 for the washable Face mask three per three pieces per Pack and it comes in black one color Just black so for those who are Interested there is a link below on the Description box if you wanted to get This item just click on that link and it Will redirect you to this site and you Can just go ahead and Choose your your size and then go ahead And click the quantity and you can go Ahead and add to cart or Um Buy it now so yeah thank you so much for Watching and i hope to see you on to the Next one