Should You Sleep On Your Left or Right Side? – A Full Breakdown!

You may have wondered whether you should sleep on your left or right side at night. Well, we examined the research and found that the answer isn’t always cut and dry. Watch our full video to see if one side will work better for you.

0:00 Should You Sleep On Your Left or Right Side?
0:38 Benefits of Sleeping On Your Left Side
2:18 Benefits of Sleeping On Your Right Side
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According to some studies, sleeping on your left side can alleviate acid reflux symptoms and soothe digestive issues. Many doctors also recommend that pregnant people sleep on their left side, But that doesn’t mean sleeping on the right side is harmful! In fact, some studies suggest that resting on the right side can help people with heart conditions.

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Hey y'all elyssa here your friendly Neighborhood mattress reviewer and sleep Science coach at Side sleeping is definitely the most Popular sleeping position I myself am a Side sleeper but you might be wondering Which side is best to sleep on your left Or your right well like a lot of things The answer isn't cut and dry I'll go Over the science and the research to Help you figure out which side you Should be sleeping on but just a general Heads up remember I am not a doctor so If you need specific personalized Medical information consult with a Medical professional Foreign Things off by talking about the benefits Of sleeping on your left side if you're Pregnant doctors recommend sleeping on Your left side because it alleviates Pressure on the liver and it helps the Heart pump blood more efficiently and if You're having trouble making this switch To sleeping on your side check out our List of the best pregnancy pillows these Will offer the support and comfort you Need to help you feel nice and comfy in The sleeping position If you snore you could also find some Relief by sleeping on your left side you Might already know that back sleeping Can cause the nasal passageways to close Up which can lead to snoring now I'm not

Saying that if you sleep on your right Side that you're going to snore a ton More but some doctors believe that if You sleep on your left side those nasal Passageways will be even more open so You can breathe easier If you deal with acid reflux you might Already know that you shouldn't lie down Right after eating a big meal but Another thing that can help is by Sleeping on your left side during the Night doctors say this can limit the Amount of stomach acid that is exposed To the esophagus which makes you feel Better Those with high blood pressure could Also benefit from sleeping on their left Side doctors believe because the blood Vessels are located on the right side of The body if you sleep on the left that Will help alleviate some pressure there Which can help lower your blood pressure Overall Last but not least if you have some Digestive issues sleeping on the left Side could help doctors say that this Helps waste efficiently move from the Small intestine to the large intestine Which can help alleviate bloating As you can see there are a ton of Benefits for sleeping on your left side But that's not to say that sleeping on Your right side is terrible or can't Prove helpful in some situations in fact

The result of a 2003 study found that People with heart conditions felt less Pressure on their heart when they slept On their right side the same results Said that sleeping on their left side Neither hurt or helped this condition so It's not going to be a terrible thing if You are going to continue to sleep on Your left side but remember I'm not a Doctor so if you have a heart condition Or you want more personalized medical Information chat with your doctor As you can see there are many more Reasons to sleep on your left side over Your right side but if you have more Questions about all of this or you need Help changing your sleeping position Check out our full article at see ya [Music]