Should You Bring Your Own Pillow When You Travel?

Should You Bring Your Own Pillow When You Travel?

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When travel season rolls around, the question of “should I bring a pillow when I travel” gets asked a lot. Luckily for you, Mattress Clarity has the answer. Be sure to watch our full guide for the best travel pillow advice!

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When you’re traveling, staying comfortable is the ultimate goal (well, besides getting to your destination on time). And if you’re spending hours on the road or in the air, you may ask yourself “should I bring my own pillow?” Ultimately, the answer boils down to your circumstances, but more often than not, the answer is yes!

When you’re flying, storage and the weight of your luggage is important to consider. So you may want to opt for a travel pillow to help out. Luckily there are pillows like the OstrichPillow Go Neck Pillow that offer 360 degrees of head and neck support. Gone are the days of the U-shaped travel pillow!

But if you’re on a train, bus, or car and not the one driving, you can opt for more traditionally shaped pillows. Some brands, Pillow Cube and Avocado to name a few, make smaller versions of a standard-sized pillow that work very well for traveling. So you can ditch the travel pillow if you want!

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