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Do You Have Sleep Apnea? Should You Care?

Sleep apnea is a difficult disorder to diagnose because you’re asleep when it happens. What should you do if you suspect that you or a loved one has sleep apnea?

Help For Snoring – Where To Look For It

Snoring can break up a marriage. It can also cause feelings of isolation especially when your partner does not want to sleep near you anymore.

How to Get to Sleep: Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques to help get to sleep. This article should help in your quest to get a better night’s sleep.

Prevent Sleep Apnea With This Simple Remedy

If you want to prevent sleep apnea, listen up. Weight loss has been shown to be an effective treatment approach in the long term for overweight or obese people who have this condition according to a recent follow up study.

Be Wary Of Taking Certain Supplements For Insomnia

There is nothing quite like a good night’s sleep to put you in a good mood and prepare you for getting through the day. Unfortunately, those who suffer from chronic insomnia, rarely have this feeling.

What Is CPAP?

CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure and involves the use of pressurised air as a means of holding open a patient’s airway, usually while they sleep, preventing blockages and ensuring that enough oxygen is reaching the lungs and the many cells in the body. Although CPAP treatment is sometimes used on premature babies who need help breathing because their lungs have not yet fully developed, it is most commonly prescribed to sufferers of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) and it is considered by most doctors around the world to be the best available treatment for the common sleep disorder….

Sleep and Sleep Disorders

Many of us have probably experienced a poor night’s sleep; frequently waking up, dry mouth or just feeling tired in the morning but for most of the time this only lasts for just one or two nights. However if this poor sleep continues it can potentially have serious effects on your physical and mental health. This article will describe what good sleep is and also a condition called sleep apnea, a relatively common sleep disorder.

Sleep – How Important Is It?

Sleep is a very important aspect of day-to-day living. Late nights, minimal sleep, stressed out at work. It is all bound to catch up with you sooner or later.

Sleep – The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss

Is the lack of sleep making you fat? When in the midst of a weight loss journey, there are many people who may put their focus on diet and exercise. While this is not wrong, it is also not balanced. You see, there are several aspects to effectively and safely losing weight; and if you miss one of the important points, you may severely impact your overall success. In the same way you can’t have a decent cake without all of the necessary ingredients; you can’t have the weight loss success you want without a balanced approach. The aspect of weight loss that we are discussing in this article is sleep. Ah… sleep, the first thing to go when life gets hectic and there is more to do than hours in the day. Sleep: that thing that “you get plenty of when you’re dead”. Thinking that staying up all night studying or playing has no relevance to your weight is a mistake that millions of people make on a regular basis.

Sigmund Freud and the Bible Interpret Dreams

What do Sigmund Freud and the Jewish Bible have in common? Both Freud and the Torah indicate that dreams should be taken seriously, not just the superficial content, but for the hidden or secret meaning.

How To Get To Sleep Quickly

If you’re having trouble sleeping it’s probably because you never taken the time to teach yourself how to go to sleep. All it takes is 21 days using a simple inner mental training program.

Mouthpieces for Sleep Apnea – How They Work

Find out how mouthpieces can help with sleep apnea. Understand the three basic types of sleep apnea mouthpieces. Also potential problems in using them.

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