Sealy Hybrid Premium Mattress Reviews – Is the Silver Chill for You?

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I’m particularly jazzed about this review because I’ll be continuing my exploration of the Sealy Hybrid Line, which is made up of three distinct collections: the Essentials (least expensive), the Performance, and the Premium (most expensive). After assessing the Essentials, I’ll now turn my attention to its fancier sister, the Premium.

While I’m intrigued by this model’s extra cooling and Tempurpedic technology, I won’t know how comfortable it actually is until I put it to the test, sussing out how it feels, how it sleeps and whether or not it could be the bed of your dreams!

I should note that the Hybrid line isn’t available from Sealy itself, but can be readily purchased through Sears, which markets the Premium as the Sealy Silver Chill Firm.


Like the Sealy Hybrid Essentials, the Premium features a 14.5” profile of just two layers: one of memory foam and one of pocketed coils. While the two constructions are certainly similar, closer inspection reveals that the materials in this bed are more advanced than those in the Essentials, with extra cooling in the memory foam and added Tempurpedic tech in the support coils.

Another difference is that while the Essentials only comes in Firm, the Premium comes in Plush, Ultra Plush and Firm. But for the purpose of this review, I’m only looking at the Firm version.

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