Scientist Explains How Psychedelic Therapy Healed His Trauma & Addiction

I do not support, condone, or advocate the use of illegal substances. This video is entirely for educational purposes.

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This video is a 90 minute discussion with Scientist and Author, Chris Becker. In this video we discuss how he used guided psychedelic therapy with substances such as psilocybin and mdma to begin to heal from the symptoms of childhood trauma and alcoholism. This video includes timestamps below to help you orient yourself for future listening.

Chris is the first in our series of professionals sharing with the world the benefits they have had from psychedelic experiences. I highly encourage you to purchase his book, (link above) as it is a short and beautiful read of a man’s journey into his unconscious with the aid of psychedelic medicines.

Chris Becker, Ph.D has over 30 years of experience in mass spectrometry and chemical physics and his research has included the original development of label-free protein quantification, protein biomarker discovery, and rapid DNA analysis. He is author on 130 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles and 20 U.S. patents. He’s managed laboratories and research groups, and he’s co-founded two companies. Chris has been practicing Buddhist meditation for a little over 30 years and in his book explores the deep, lasting impact that psychedelic-assisted sacred medicine therapy has had on his ability to cope with childhood psychological injury/trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and addiction.

03:15 What are adverse childhood experiences?
09:47 Symptoms of trauma coping
11:13 How trauma impacts our relationships
16:49 Dr. Becker’s Peyote experience
22:11 Becker’s Mushroom trips in his 20’s
25:00 Becker describes his guided psychedelic therapy experience
37:10 Becker’s Psilocybin therapy experience
43:00 Tripping in the redwood forest
44:40 Which psychedelic has the most healing potential?
47:05 How does meditation influence psychs?
52:40 Self acceptance and grief
58:50 Materialism and consciousness
1:02:54 Racism and the divine individual
1:09:50 Buddhism and “spiritual bypassing”
1:19:01 Integrating the experience

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