Science of Healing Sleep, Andrew K Fletcher Inclined Bed Therapy Clive De Carle (2 hours)

The Science of Healing Sleep. How simply altering your bed can bring about astonishing health and fitness improvements. Fascinating Radio Interview with Andrew K Fletcher by Clive De Carle
GRAVITY using Heals our body while Sleeping Flat makes us sick according to Andrew K Fletcher, who has spent 20 years researching circulation and how gravity is the driving force. We have all learned in school that we are struggling against gravity. Andrew discovered that there is a slight density difference between fluids flowing down and fluids flowing back up our circulatory systems, including the lymphatic system and cerebrospinal fluid system, The density changes occur due to evaporation from our skin, our lungs, sinuses, eyes, and the rest of the respiratory tract. The medical profession erroneously believe that gravity acts equally in the ascending and descending limbs of the circulation. Andrew explains why this is simply not the case. Andrew also investigated the History of sleep to find answers to why without any supporting positive science we began to sleep on flat beds today. His research revealed that the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt and their people slept with the head end of their beds raised 15 cm / 6 inches at the head end.
In the Tudor period, laying down to sleep flat was avoided because of the plagues, particularly if you were infected by the sweating sickness, meant that you would be dead by morning. Guards were placed at bedsides to prevent people from laying down flat and as a result many survived.
His exciting sleep posture discovery has helped countless people to regain their health, often against impossible odds, simply by raising the head end of their bed by around 6 inches or 15cm, causing the entire bed to slope down from head to toe at an angle of approximately 5 degrees to the horizontal.
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Andrew talks about how IBT has helped to boost the immune system and how astronauts in space, removed from gravity experience a disrupted immune system, he further explains how NASA and other space programs re-create the serious damaging effects of being in space, here on Earth, simply by paying people to sleep head down and horizontal for sometimes months on end. NASA have shown that space travel accelerates the ageing process to a staggering 10 x faster than here on Earth and if that is not enough to worry us, he explains that they have also shown the same degenerative affects can be reproduced simply by preventing us from standing up and keeping us in bed.

Andrew explains how tall trees circulate sap using the density changes that take place at the leaf as a result of transpiration (Evaporated water) which makes far more sense than what we are teaching students in school.

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