Scary Sleep Tales With Mattress Clarity

It’s Halloween again, and there’s no better time to tell some scary tales…scary sleep tales that is. Tune in as our resident horror host, Marten, shares four tales of poor sleep and uncomfortable mattresses.

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0:00 Scary Sleep Tales Introduction
0:36 The Blue Light Blues
2:23 The Wrong Mattress
3:56 I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead
5:49 The Snoring
7:11 Wrap-up

There’s nothing more frightening than bad sleep. Strap in for four of the spookiest sleep tales you’ll here this spooky season.

In “The Blue Light Blues,” Marten tells of the terrors of using your phone to close to bed time. In “The Wrong Mattress,” watch as Marten’s twin Marvin learns what happens when his mattress is soft…too soft.

“I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” shows just how frightening sleep deprivation can really be. And, in “The Snoring,” we’ll learn about the horrors of sawing logs.

Pleasant dreams…

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Hello boils and ghouls it's my favorite Time of year Halloween I love everything About Halloween the pumpkins the candy The spooky movies but my favorite thing Of all are the scary stories and there's Nothing scarier than poor sleep So get comfortable grab yourself a cup Of apple cider and strap yourself in for Scary sweet tails The first tale I like to call The Blue Light blues Tony was a nice boy he loved cats baking And reviewing bedding accessories But he loved to take his phone to bed With him He'd lie in bed scrolling scrolling Through news and recipes There was just one problem Tony didn't know that the phone hit a Monster a terrible blue light As Tony scrolled and scrolled and Scrolled the blue light worked his Terrible magic bit by bit it robbed him Of his sleep Even when he put the phone away he could Not sleep He tried counting sheep but they became Monsters in his mind warm milk went down Like poison nothing worked then Tony Turned to Mattress Clarity for help he Found an article on the effects of blue Light on sleep And he found that studies showed the Light emitted by phones computers and

TVs can reduce melatonin levels and Throw off your circadian rhythms he had His answer he stopped watching TV closer To bedtime he shut off his computer There was just one thing left to do He called to him The world at his fingertips all the Recipes he desired The moral of this story don't be haunted By your phone put all technology to bed A few hours before bedtime or the blue Light will get you This next tale I like to call The wrong mattress and this one Stars my Twin brother Marcus Marcus was a bit full of himself Arrogant Just kind of a butt head Marcus never needed help or advice from Anyone he knew it all so when it was Time to buy a new mattress Marcus Thought he had it all handled he didn't Do any research he didn't go to mattress Clarity to find the right mattress for His situation he bought the first cheap Mattress he came across the first night Marcus put sheets pillows and a Comforter on the mattress and went to Sleep well he tried Marcus tossed and turned tossed and Turned he just couldn't get comfortable It was soft too soft he sank and sank And sank The next day he was achy irritable with

Buscemi eyes he fell asleep during the Zoom meeting Now a normal person would admit when They were wrong get a new mattress but Marcus was stubborn he said I'm going to Sleep on this mattress if it's the last Thing I do so Marcus lay down and sank Sank and sank and sank Marcus tried to Move he couldn't he was trapped and then He heard it I'm hungry Marcus screamed Don't get eaten by the wrong mattress Use mattress Clarity to find the right Mattress for your situation The next story we call I'll sleep when I'm dead He was a busy guy when he wasn't at work He was staying up late playing Animal Crossing or watching The Great British Bake Off He would stay out late with his friends And sometimes he wouldn't sleep at all Now when his friend said I'm worried About your sleep Toby laughed it off his One friend told him about mattress Clarity and all the great sleep Resources they have they told him that Poor sleep was connected to increased Risk of cardiovascular disease Depression anxiety and so much more but Toby didn't listen and soon Toby saw the Effects of his sleep deprivation first Hand at this point he hadn't slept for 100 hours and at first he thought it was Just the trick of the lights but then it

Became so much more Foreign Foreign Or maybe it's the fact that sleep Deprivation can lead to hallucinations Either way that ghost scared the Sleep Into topi And last but certainly not least we have A little yarn about the Terrors of Sawing logs I call it the snoring The scene an idyllic Midwest Town Barbecues baseball games a great place To live then one night the sound came The snoring It shook the town toppled buildings the People ran streaming and soon the Townsfolks realized the sounds were Coming from mori's house and he knew he Snored and it didn't bother him one bit The next night the snoring was worse Buildings began to topple the old Harlow Bridge fell into the river no one knew What to do but Mori started to feel Exhausted during the day he'd wake up With a sore throat headache and just Feel terrible then Maury read on Mattress Clarity that he may have a Sleep disorder he went to see a sleep Doctor and realized he had sleep apnea You see Maury wasn't just snoring his Breath was stopping up to 45 times an Hour he wasn't getting good restful Sleep and the doctor prescribed a CPAP Machine the next night the townsfolk

Waited for the cacophony to begin but it Never did Maury slept soundly that night And so did the town Thank you Well my fiends I mean friends I hope our Scary sleep Tails don't affect your Sleep but just remember if you want to Keep the nightmares away check out for more sleep Products and great sleep tips Lesson screams