Safety whistle , Tips & Tools For Survival | 11 Handy Vital Items to Include in Your Survival Pack

Safety whistle – Safety whistles can be used to signal to others around you that you are in need of help, and will assist search and rescue teams in locating you if you are lost. Safety whistles can be used endlessly because they are powered by your lungs and not by a battery or compressed air canister, which have finite lifespans. However, because of this fact, it’s important to use a whistle that does not take a lot of effort to blow.

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Hi guys and welcome back so we are on Our sixth item on our 11 vital items to Include in your survival pack so the Sixth item on our list is safety whistle So safety whistles can be used to signal To others around you that you are in Need of help and will assist search and Rescue teams in locating you if you are Lost so safety whistles can be used Endlessly because you are powered by Your lungs and not by a battery or a Compressed air canister So which have um infinite lifespans so However Because of this fact it’s important to Use a whistle that does not take a lot Of effort to blow and by the way there Are different types of safety whistle Blows so just search on them there’s Like A lot of different kinds of whistle Blows but make sure to know which one so That in ever in case of emergency you Know which type Of whistles whistle blow that you should Be using so that you can signal others And why what that meant So i’m going to show you five um Five websites that where you can Actually buy good whistles so we have Here Executive Ad advertising Okay and we have here the seven in one

Survival whistle Um it says here it’s uh Customization type screen printing one Color included Okay so there’s like two colors here Army navy green and Orange All right and The price here If it’s a hundred plus it’s four dollars And 83 cents if it’s a quantity of 100 So that’s a total of 483 Dollars So there’s like a shipping fee here Ground for five days which is 21.89 So the total will be 500 489. So this is great if you want to Uh give this to like if you’re in a School or if you’re in work you wanted To provide them A survival whistle So which is great Um just in case of emergency there will Be a lot of people that can use this So Here is the color So this comes with a lanyard and seven Functions including whistle Um thermometer Magnify a magnifier which is five times They also have a signaling mirror A lead or led flashlight Compass and a storage um tube so this is Great for camping hiking fishing and

Other outdoor activities And powered by two cr2 2016 batteries Which is included as well The size is Adjustable Here So there’s a minimum order here for 100 Units again this is great if you wanted To buy bulk if you wanted to give it to Your Um Employees or to your Workmates And if you’re like a Bunch of people who wants to go hiking You can actually pitch in here so you Can order 100 units of whistle So there’s like also a decoration Methods here which is great and there’s Like a screen printing for your Promotional products Which is great Uh there is no uh Rush up rush options not available Packaging there’s a blister pack Ships from zip okay shipping details This one So This is great i mean this is Uh seven in one Whistle so it’s just not a whistle but There’s a thermometer a compass a Signaling mirror Uh what else it was that says here

Storage Tube Thermometer led flashlight so it’s a Great great whistle here So again It has a quantity of 100 so that’s a Total of 483 plus Um shipping fee So this is good for bulk order All right that is Next up is They have a storm whistle here so it Says here whistle is the loud Storm all weather safety whistle is the Loudest whistle on the market its unique Patented design allows it to be heard up To 50 feet Under Water so This is Best use if i i guess if you’re Underwater So but this is Uh on the cheaper side you can buy this In just In whatever quantity you want so this is Four dollars and 95 Cents and the details here It’s that see this is made in usa Um storm whistle is Perfect for divers um lifeguards and for Recreation this loud emergency whistle Creates a clear

High frequency sound with a power rating Of 75 percent greater than other referee And safety whistles which is great and This is bright orange color so that you Can easily spot them just in case we Have a review here Oh three reviews It says here These things are allowed well worth it i Would recommend getting a few cheap Enough Uh cheap enough and it will get Someone’s attention The storm whistle i had purchased was as Advertised it arrived sooner than Expected I and my co-workers are very satisfied i Will be returning Ordered four of Four of these they are great extremely Loud you will not be disappointed more Prepared had the lowest More prepared had the lowest price i Could find so again there’s also reviews Here saying that it is indeed loud So it is great for rescuing and um Search and rescue Again this is just 4.95 And that is for more Next up is we have vargo outdoors here They have the uh titanium emergency Whistle this is for ten dollars and Ninety five cents they have like a four Point five out of five star reviews

Uh out of 31 reviews So it says here it ships in 24 hours Okay all right so it is it is ultralight Peace of mind whistle build with the Strength and toughness of a titanium Titanium p-less design won’t break or Fail Where other whistles will and because it Weighs just One out of ten of an ounce it’s a great Condition to pack or emergency kit again This is with a lanyard hole you can Strap in the lanyard and Wear it as a necklace Features Um titanium construction 100 plus Decibel level sound pls design extremely Lightweight reflective lanyard included Oh it’s already included so it’s Reflective as well This is good if if it’s like Already at night and you heard that There will be there are some rescuers or There’s some people are there and you Are lost You can actually use the whistle and if It’s dark they could actually see you Immediately with The um reflective lanyard which is great So that is 10.95 It says here definitely my go-to whistle For hiking and outdoor activity Lightweight durable and corrosion proof

And makes a piercing loud whistle I got the one with the cord which i can Wear around my neck i hardly notice it While wearing could definitely could Definitely be a lifesaver so this is a Great Review here Perfect love Love it it’s loud light lightweight and Functional all right so this is really Great reviews For Titanium emergency whistles again this Is vargo For 10.95 All right next up we have so this is basically more On to Marine whistles um I don’t know i don’t know if you can Hear This let’s try it Okay that’s loud That’s now Let’s go back so that is the example of I’m not sure if you heard that here but It’s definitely loud here in my headset So it’s really Extremely loud um but Yeah again this is Basically more of um For marine use Um

There’s different kinds of it So there’s like p-less whistle This is three three dollars and Eighty-eight cents you have like this uh Polished brass They have like a Camouflage camouflage uh acme hellova Whistle This is for a dog whistle actually Marine signal horn there’s a lot of Different of whistles here But basically this is more of the marine Whistles so Also here there’s a timeline tornado Safety and sport Siren whistle Siren horn scouts whistle Safety and sport whistle Uh there’s a lot of different of Whistles here but basically you can Choose Whatever suits you So yeah there’s a lot of Different types of variations of um Whistles here so it’s up to you you just Click on this one if you want to hear The type of sound that this whistle Makes so well I don’t want to click it again because It’s really Painful in my ears right now It’s a mistake that i clicked that one But just in case you you are Um if you are really

Definite in hearing this one do not Wear A um An earpiece here No All right so again there’s It depends on the Whistle here if you want a more Sophisticated look Then it’s 63.95 If but if you want on the cheaper side They also have like a three dollars and 88 cents Whistle here So yeah that is Again this is free shipping for orders Over eighty dollars so this will be Free shipping All right next but not the least we have Here the Uh they have here the ultimate survival Jets cream safety whistle this is seven Dollars and ninety nine cents Um here’s this rex it’s three inches Long Half inch thick 122 decibels So There you go the whistle can be heard Above most natural and man Made noise and won’t freeze clog or rust Like traditional whistle Thanks to its pls design compact and Lightweight

It is Durable and long lasting life it is 100 Waterproof it works even when wet pls Construction for all weather use easily Attaches to packs pfts and keychains Uh the warranty is lifetime limited um Advice so there’s like advice here Reviews Oh it says here it’s not as loud as i Thought Good whistle very loud again it depends On you if it’s If this is already loud enough for you So Yeah they have a four star Out of five i don’t know 3.6 Stars out of five star reviews and this Is out of seven reviews All right so this is 7.99 Again we have And So thank you so much for watching and Please stay tuned and watch the seventh Item listed Um for our survival tools so thank you So much for watching