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Saatva vs DreamCloud Mattress Review – Comparing Their Pros and Cons

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Saatva vs DreamCloud Mattress Review – Comparing Their Pros and Cons

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You can read the full written comparison of the Saatva vs Dreamcloud here:

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For this comparison, we’ll be taking a look at Saatva and DreamCloud, two of the most popular brands on the market. Known for its traditional innerspring design, Saatva first leapt onto the scene in 2011, and has been shaking things up ever since. DreamCloud, on the other hand, didn’t make its debut until seven years later, when it challenged the former with its promise of providing a luxury feel at a value price.

Both of these mattresses feature foam and coil layers to strike a balance between comfort and support, but each mattress uses them differently. So which one uses them better? There’s only one way to find out…

Before we jump into our mattress face-off, let’s take some time to discuss some of the things they have in common.

Pocketed Coils – As I mentioned above, both mattresses combine foam and coil layers to provide sleepers with pleasant bounce and comfortable support. Saatva is a traditional innerspring mattress with individually-wrapped coils to prevent you from feeling “stuck” in the bed and the DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress layered with softer foams over pocketed coils.
Pillow Top Feel – Saatva and DreamCloud include pillow tops that provide an initially comfortable feel. Where Saatva achieves features quilted foam in its Euro-style pillow top, the DreamCloud layers a cashmere and polyester blend cover over three layers of foam to get its luxurious vibe.
Bounce – Both the Saatva and DreamCloud mattresses are incredibly bouncy beds, though in slightly different ways. The former attains its buoyant lift from a coil-on-coil construction while the latter sticks to just one layer of pocketed coils. Later on in this comparison, I’ll dive into how these distinct coil constructions make for different kinds of bounce.

That’s it for now, you can check out my full reviews of these mattresses by clicking the links below.

DreamCloud –

Saatva –

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