Saatva Classic Mattress Review | Best Innerspring Mattress? (UPDATED 2023)

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Saatva Mattress Review | Best Innerspring Mattress? (UPDATED 2023). In this video, JD who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach covers our updated review of the Saatva Classic Mattress. This is one of the most popular innerspring mattresses online. It’s a well-built, thick hybrid mattress that actually incorporates two different layers of coils for support and durability. The Saatva mattress also comes in three different firmness profiles – Plush Soft, Luxury Firm and Firm. The Plush Soft model is best for side sleepers and combo sleepers. JD thinks it lands around medium on the firmness scale. The Luxury Firm and Firm models land on the firmer end of the spectrum making them great for heavier sleepers as well as back and stomach sleepers. Overall, the Saatva mattress has a comfortable pillow top feel. The bed comes with a 365 night trial period, free delivery and setup and a Lifetime warranty. Thanks for watching this new Saatva mattress review. Hopefully it helps you decide whether the Saatva Innerspring Mattress is right for your specific situation.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:16 – General Mattress Policies
2:30 – Construction
4:20 – Saatva Classic Feel
4:50 – Saatva Firmness & Sleeper Types
6:20 – Other Saatva Beds
6:49 – Info for Couples
8:00 – Mattress Pricing & Discounts
8:39 – Final Verdict: Saatva Mattress Review
9:05 – Conclusion

One of my personal favorite beds that I've ever tested over at this lumber Yard is the Sava Classic this is a more Luxurious hybrid pillow top bed that Features two layers of coils for support And a nice European pillow top for Comfort it's a really nice pick for Anyone who is willing to spend up for it But in this video I really want to go Over it and give you our updated Thoughts on it we're going to start Things out by going over the policies That it comes with then we'll delve more Into its construction and see exactly What it's made up of then we'll talk About how the mattress feels How firm it Is of course how much it costs and at The end I'll even try to sum things up With a final verdict for you so stick Around now if you didn't know already my Name is JD and over here at the slumber Yard we review all things online Mattresses so if you've seen the Sava Classic online or maybe some other bed That you've checked out recently and you Want some more information about it head On over to our website For more or check down below in the Description box of this video for a lot Of other goodies if you enjoy the video You get something out of it and you want To help support our Channel hit the Thumbs Up Button And subscribe for more But now let's get right into this Saba

Review [Music] To find the right bed for you Can save your money Okay so right up top I do want to say That we did receive the Sava classic for Free from Safa to review and tell you Guys about it but in terms of policies What exactly are you going to be getting In terms of shipping returns trial Periods and warranties with the Sava Classic well Sava as a brand is actually Really good these days with the policies That they back all their Bets with so This mattress is going to ship to you Completely free though it's not going to Be through standard bed in a box Shipping it's going to come to you with Complementary White Glove delivery and This is a service in which a local Delivery team will basically bring the Mattress to your home full size and set It up for you in your own home and in a Lot of cases they'll even remove your Old bed at no extra cost now White Glove Delivery is always nice to have it was For my dad I actually purchased this bed For him and he lives in a really remote Location and they went all their way out There and set it up for him and took Away his old bed so I was really happy With the whole process and the way it Turned out but since they do offer this Service returns with us off a classic in

In Sava in general aren't going to be Really free they will probably charge You a small transportation fee if you Decide to send it back but we we highly Doubt a lot of folks are going to be Doing that anytime soon you actually get 365 nights to try the bed out at home For yourself before you're completely Stuck with it before you have to decide Oh do I actually want to return this Thing and if you do decide to keep it It's backed by a lifetime warranty these Days which is always super nice to have I'm only more information about the Liner notes and the more specific policy Details when it comes to Sava as a brand Down below in the description box if you Want to know more now in terms of Construction I briefly mentioned it at The top of the video but now let's delve Into it more and basically this bed Starts out with a thick layer of inner Springs on the bottom for its primary Support base and this layer is actually Encased in a foam border to provide some Pretty solid Edge support now sitting Above that foam border and all those Inner Springs you have another layer of Pocketed coils and these are basically Individually siled Springs that are Encased in Fabric and they move Independently of one another so not a Lot of motion is going to transfer to The other side as it would in a more

Traditional inner spring chassis now Since the Sava classic uses those two Separate layers of coils it's going to Provide tons of support for all body Types including especially heavier folks We usually say that if you are a heavier Person say in the range of 200 pounds And up you're probably going to want to Look into a hybrid bed that uses coils Instead of an all-foam one that uses Dense foam for support just because Coils in general provide a lot more Bi-directional support and long-term Durability now above that pocketed coil Layer you have your first layer of foam Which in this case is a memory foam and This kind of acts as a transition layer Between all those coil layers and the Bed's primary Comfort layer which in This case is a European pillow top and It's actually wrapped up in an organic Cotton cover this cover along with the Golden embroidery found throughout the Bed makes it look really nice and A Cut Above a lot of others within the online Space you know over here at the slumber Yard we commonly say that the Sava Classic wouldn't look at a place sitting In a fancy five-star hotel it just looks Really nice and luxurious the bed also Features a bit of a Zone support design I believe there's a lumbar support layer In the middle of the mattress to provide You're back with some neutral alignment

While you sleep so if you suffer from Nightly back pain it could help you out Lot in this regard at least the Safa Classics construction as far as Zone Support goes and we'll try to link some More helpful details regarding its Design Down Below in the description box If you want to know more about that Stuff now the feel of the Sava classic Is also one of my favorite Parts about It because it exhibits more of a Traditional mattress feel something that You're probably already used to we Usually say it features more of a pillow Top feel in general so it should feel Pretty familiar to most sleepers out There and maybe even remind you of a bed That you grew up sleeping on overall the Sava classic strikes a really nice Balance of pressure relief from that Pillow top with a good amount of support From the two layers of coils in my Honest opinion this is one of those Mattresses that you're probably going to Lay down on and find to be immediately Comfortable or at least not Uncomfortable now in terms of firmness You do have three different options to Select with the Safa classic and it's Also available in two different height Profiles we have the 14 and a half Incher so the bigger model obviously but We would recommend the 11 and a half Incher to pretty much anyone out there

As it's a decent sized bed and not Overkill at all and I say that just Because thicker beds usually require Deep pocket sheets or bigger sheets to Actually fit around it I sleep on a bed That requires deep pocket sheets and I Always find it to be a drag but just Know that getting into it but the high Profile in each case shouldn't really Affect the firmness which I'm about to Cover the plush soft model of the sofa Classic sits it right around a medium Give or take so it should be a really Accommodating option for any and all Sleeper type the luxury firm is our Recommendation for most sleepers out There it's around a medium firm so also Good for all sleepers with a slight Support Advantage for back and stomach And the firm model is a properly firm Mattress that should really only work Out for strict back and stomach sleepers Looking for the most amount of nightly Support now these firmness rankings are Just our opinion of what we've tested Over here at the slumber yard and Firmness is an all together subjective Thing that usually depends on how much You weigh so heavier people as we've Found perceived beds to be softer than They truly are while more petite sized Folks find them to be a bit firmer but For the average Joe I think you're Looking at around these three firmness

Levels that I went over and I think no Matter what your sleeping preferences Are really looking like these days you Should have an option available with the Safa classic now if those firmness Levels are just a little bit off for you And you want something a little bit more Specific Sava as a brand makes a number Of different models I'll just mention a Few here they just came out with a Memory foam hybrid bed which is their Newest hybrid offering and it's also a Little bit more affordably priced than The Safa classic they also have a latex Hybrid bed if you're more into a latex Foam feel and the saava HD is another Offering that's perfect for especially Heavier individuals around the 500 pound Market up we'll link more information About those other savva models Down Below in the description box as well for You but now in terms of couples if you Intend on sharing the Saba classic with Your partner or significant other what Do you got to know well the main three Things are Edge support motion isolation And temperature regulation Edge support Has to do with how sturdy the perimeter Edges of the mattress are under pressure If you happen to sleep pretty close to Them or your partner shoves you to the Outer rims of the bed you don't really Want to fall off the mat mattress and With the Saba classic it has great Edge

Support as I mentioned those inner Springs are encased in foam so it Provides a lot of sturdiness right along That edge which you shouldn't really be Falling off anytime soon now in regards To motion isolation which is how well The bed absorbs cross mattress movement If your partner gets up in the middle of The night to go to work or something Like that you don't really want their Emotion transferring to the other side Of the mattress and waking you up and I'm happy to say that the Sava classic Does have a pretty good amount of motion Isolation it does deaden cross mattress Movement quite well so no real concerns Here either in regards to temperature Regulation the Sava classic isn't Necessarily an active cooling option but We don't think it's going to be warming Up on you excessively you know it could Vary on a case-by-case basis and it Could come down to the types of sheets That you have your comforter even your Pajamas but we would say that the sofa Classic should remain right at that Temperature neutral range throughout the Night now let's talk about pricing how Much are you going to be shelling out For the Sava classic and you know upon First glance you would say oh man that Looks like a spendy bed and you know While it is quite luxurious and premium It's pretty reasonable on price as of

When I'm doing this video you can pick Up a queen size for just shy of the 1600 Mark after discount and Sava used to Never run promotions on their mattresses But they occasionally will actually Usually nowadays so check in the Description box to see whatever we can Find in terms of saving you some money With this mattress and just so you guys Know if you use those discounts linked Within our description boxes it Definitely helps support our Channel Which we really appreciate but that Pretty much is going to sum it up for Our updated thoughts on the Safa classic You know it's a really nice bed I would Recommend it to pretty much anyone out There who's looking for a relatively Affordable luxurious option but the Question remains who should really go With it and why well if you want more of A premium bed with a traditional pillow Top feel that's available in three Firmness levels you like the sound of That white glove delivery and those Other consumer friendly policies that It's backed by and you want a bit of a Zone support Advantage I don't really See many folks out there going wrong With the Sava classic but hey let us Know what you guys think have you ever Tried this bed out have you ever you Know wanted to write us down below in The comments we would love to hear from

You and if you need any more information Head on over to that description box or Our website for so Much more information if you got Something out of this video you enjoyed It and we maybe helped you out towards Your online mattress search you know Drop us a like and consider subscribing To the channel for a lot more but that's Going to do it for this one again I'm JD Hopefully you're doing well out there And like always sleep by sleep tight and We'll see you next time [Music] Come on now Like And subscribe