Rumble Tuff Serene Express Duo Breast Pump Testimonials (1080p)


The Rumble Tuff Serene Express Duo Pump is a double electric breast pump combining the effectiveness of a hospital grade breast pump with the convenience of a portable pump. With 3 expression patterns and 8 vacuum suction levels, the Serene Express Duo Pump’s durability and dependability make this pump ideal for frequent pumping. The pump’s first pattern, Reflex, imitates the reflexes of a hungry baby when they first latch on with stronger vacuum suction for the first 15 cycles of pumping. The pumping cycle automatically transitions into the second expression pattern, Swift, which reduces suction to a fast and shallow pattern. You can choose whether or not to remain at this phase if your baby has a similar nursing pattern or you can switch to the final phase of the cycle. The third pattern, Natural, consists of long and deep suctioning, mimicking how most babies obtain milk from their mother’s breast. Both the Swift and Natural expression patterns have up to eight levels of vacuum suction to suit the individual’s comfort level.

This pump is lightweight, easy to assemble and easy to clean. The pump’s main unit has a user-friendly LCD display with control buttons for Expression Settings, Vacuum Adjusting Roller and Memory to recall your unique pumping pattern. Additional features include: power option between AA Battery or A/C power, Digital Clock and Alarm functions to remind you of your next pumping session.

“I love the Rumble Tuff Breast Pump. It’s a lot more comfortable then the pump I was using before. We live in a really small apartment and so it is very nice that it is quiet and I don’t feel like I am going to wake up my baby when I am pumping. And it is really cute, I know that is kind of silly to say, but I really liked that it was nice to look at; that was really important to me when I was choosing a pump. It was really convenient for me to have the duo breast pumps so that it does not take as much time so I can spend a lot more time with my baby. I really like the “M” button on the pump, because the breast pump I was using before was just generic. It didn’t really match to how my body was reacting so it was really nice to be able to press a button that I already knew would match how my body would release the milk and be ready to pump in the most convenient way for me.” -Abbey Roll

“My favorite part about the pump are the silicone cushions. They make it really comfortable and they are really easy to take in and out and clean. I also really like how small and portable the pump was, I could hold my baby in one hand and the pump in the other, and move to room to room if I needed to.” Corrine Stokoe

“The other thing I really like about the Rumble Tuff is that it has the option to be battery operated which is great because you can’t always find an outlet in a secluded room. So, if needed, you can use it in your car, which is really helpful. Every time I have a baby, I usually rent a pump through the hospital, and I feel like this is definitely the same kind of quality I am getting from the hospital, so I really appreciate that.” -Janey Top-Kauffman

“I like the manual pump, it was a nice option to go from electric to manual. As a busy mom with 5 kids I am on the go a lot, so it is nice to throw it in my diaper bag.” -Aubrey Hill

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