Right Wing Media, Money and lies (Chrisiousity Mirror)

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With huge thanks to Angry Basterds, I revisit the untruths of Gad Saad, this time with Christina Hoff Sommers, and expose their connections with right wing big money groups, as well as the financial connections of Youtube heavies such as Prager U, Reason TV, and Rebel Media. It’s time to find out what’s in the social media sausage!

Correction, with apologies: Christina Hoff Sommers should be titled Dr. Sommers, not Ms. Sommers.

Angry Basterds Video:

Gad Saad Part 3:

Gad Saad chat w. CHS

Gad Saad speech:

Laura Kipnis article and related:

Christina Hoff Sommers:

Reason TV:

Ezra Levant: .

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