Rhyme King – Rhyme King’s Revenge

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I extremely went ham on this track…here are the lyrics.

I’m laughing at these haters.
I’m a serve these bitches.
They wanna take my money, and these riches.
Bitch, get the fuck up and do my dirty dishes.
Ain’t nobody talking to you, it’s a grown man’s business.
You below my level, on that kid shit.
This will never be settled, get off my big dick.
I’ll attack the haters.
Smash the fakers.
Meet me at a park I’ll smack you later.
I’ll read your moves like a calculator.
Your blood is gonna be your lasting flavor.
I heard you look at my girl’s pics, masturbator.
Face the fact I’m a motherfucking problem.
Not even your little brain could solve em’.
Get your mind spinning, like a spinning column.
James Lowery talking like a coward G.
Pussy like a flower, you’re too much to overpower me.
I make three times more than your salary.
Fuck with my cavalry, your body becomes powdery.
I can’t be silent, I’m too violent.
With lyrical talent my money keeps piling.
Ugly J. Crowe looking like a scarecrow.
He sold his soul to the devil for a hoe.
Looking for some pot to smoke.
Nothing but a cockroach.
Wait until my glock explodes.
There goes his brain.
How do we deal with this abusive guy? It’s a pain.
What a shame.
Was never honest since he dated Heather Thomas.
The relationship was so sick I had to vomit.
I’m relaxing sipping gin and tonic.
Tish blew up the N-Bomb that’s atomic.
So I fucked her mom and did some bondage.
We can call it even, go smoke a chronic.
This is the Bluegrass, where racists tear you a new ass.
The state is filled with douchebags.
Especially the true fags.
They hate a nigga wearing do-rags.
Let em hate, I’m riding in a blue Jag.
Driving it too fast.
Can’t touch the swag.
Rhyme King has a vocab that never lacks.
I’m still intelligent.
You need skill development.
I’m for real relevant.
I’m too lyrical, eloquent.
It’ll take a miracle, I’m elegant.
Look at my ex, she’s an elephant.
She’s an enemy, she don’t know how to spell “friend.”
I don’t why she had to be my girlfriend.
Look at me in an emotional whirlwind.
Fuck the abusive shit.
I’m into my music, I can get used to this.
I’m stuck on like a glue stick.
I hate when somebody pretends to be friends.
Understand why I am always in the deep end?
I’m looking for revenge.
Damn I need to visit my girl this weekend.

(Guess whose guess whose back for more?) 4X

Causing commotions across the ocean.
Lots of explosions in my emotions.
My lyricism way too potent.
I have the notion, my flow is golden.
Middle fingers go to WKU.
Excuse me, I drunk some Grey Goose.
Don’t worry I didn’t say that I hate you.
When my grades dropped I made a mistake sized of a grapefruit.
I was supposed to do what my financial aid pays me to do.
Instead of being a lazy dude.
But anyways, I have a message for Brandi.
Good luck with the bi-polar dude I hope he comes in handy.
We could’ve gone to the beach, soft and sandy.
Go to Candy Land, get lost in candies.
I would’ve gone inside your panties.
Fuck it, I’m fucking with Mandy.
Here we go again, perverted thoughts.
The lines were off-limits, now they’re crossed.
Fuck everybody, I’m the damn boss.
If I choose to finger somebody, it’ll be Sam’s crotch.
I don’t follow the rules, I’m a rapist.
Taste my dick, go and take it.
I said taste my dick go and take it.
I wouldn’t give a damn if she was underage.
I’m crazy in a sexual rage.
I’m an alien, out of this world.
I don’t belong in Earth, fuck what y’all say!!
(Freestyled a little toward the end)

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