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Replace Smart Curly Quotes to Straight Quotes in Word

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Replace Smart Curly Quotes to Straight Quotes in Word

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I. Change automatic replacement of simple quotes:

Microsoft Word automatically changes the simple quotes inputted from the keyboard into “curly quotes”. The first method is to stop this automatic replacement.
1. First, go up and open the File menu in the top-left.
2. Click Options at the bottom.
3. Click Proofing on the left of the Options dialog box, then click AutoCorrect Options…
4. Click the AutoFormat tab, uncheck the “Straight Quotes” to “Smart Quotes” box, then click OK twice to close the menus.

II. Use the Undo method:

Sometimes the first method does nothing to change the status of newly-created quotes. Since curly quotes are much more common in typography and simple quotes are the exception it can be easier to simply “Undo” Word’s automatic conversion.
1. Immediately after typing a quote symbol, hit Ctrl+Z to undo Word’s automatic conversion.

III. Replacing a document’s curly quotes with simple quotes:

If you already have a document full of curly quotes and want to change them to simple ones, you will need to use the Find and Replace method.
1. Use the previous Undo method to create a simple quote. Highlight the simple quote and use Ctrl+C to copy it to the clipboard in order to have something to replace the curly quotes with.
2. Press Ctrl+H to open the Find and Replace dialog box. In the “Find what:” box, make sure Num Lock is turned on, hold down Alt, and press 0147 on the numpad to insert a beginning curly quote.
3. In the “Replace with:” box type in these two characters: ^c. This will find the beginning curly quote, and replace it with what is currently in the clipboard.
4. Click Replace All to replace all instances of the beginning curly quote.
5. Follow steps 2-4 except instead of Alt+0147, use Alt+0148 to Find the end quote.

Do you prefer simple quotes or curly ones? Please let us know in comments.

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