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Rent To Own Homes with bad credit!

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Rent To Own Homes with bad credit!

Why Rent When You Can Own?
Thousands of Rent To Own and Lease Option Properties!

With the economy the way it is, everyday more new homeowners are turning to lease to purchase homes as a way to achieve the American Dream even with bad credit. You may not have the credit or savings to buy your home outright, homes for lease by owner make it easy to become a homeowner, even with bad credit.
Rent to own agreements aren’t as commonplace as mortgaging or renting a home, so you may not be familiar with the finer details of how rent to own works. Read the following article on rent to own homes you’ll discover benefits of rent to own homes, if renting to own is right in your financial situation, and how you too can rent to own foreclosed homes.
The Many Benefits of Rent to Own Homes
Having a rent to own home has a number of benefits over a standard mortgage or rental. Renting may have it’s advantages, however every month your rent is going down the drain in your dream home. Buyers who wouldn’t normally have the savings to mortgage a property on the spot can now begin making payments toward their dream home right away.
Is rent to own real?
Homes for lease by owner also offer the insight of intimately getting to know a house before becoming fully invested in it. In case you then decide this is not the house of your dreams, it’s just as easy to just leave the contract, without having to sign a long term mortgage.
Signing a rent to own lease on a home can even earn you monetary returns in some areas with booming real estate markets. The final purchase price of the home that you’re renting to own is often fixed when you you originally lease, which gives you a major advantage over your standard mortgage. With the markets again looking like a good investment in the U.S., and if you’re lucky, your home may be worth much more than when you first signed the contract.

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