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Rent To Own Homes Near Me

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Rent To Own Homes Near Me

Rent To Own Homes Near Me, 954-247-4285

We Know owning your own home important to you!
Was your credit damaged because of a divorce, job loss, foreclosure or bankruptcy?
Is your combined family income $55,000 or more and your credit score 585 or better we may be able to help, find out about a new Rent-To-Own Program that you may qualify for
NOW, to get started.

How does it work?
You will rent your Dream home, but now you will have up to 3 years or more to improve your credit and save to increase your down payment
Then, you will go to a bank with your improved credit score and a good down payment to get a loan to buy the dream home you are already living in.
No more moving from place to place,
No more uncertainty, or bad landlords who take forever to fix anything
You can build a legacy to leave to your children one day. a place where your kids can play safely in the backyard, and you can have cookouts and family gatherings
Finally, you will own your own home!

Florida Rent To Own Homes
1451 West Cypress Creek Road #300Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309



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