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At just $1330/month in rent you throw away $16,000.00 of your hard-earned money every year without getting a penny of equity. In just five years, that’s another $80,000.00 down the drain! And you wonder why you never seem to have enough money? Gee, I wonder where it all goes? Yet in that same five years the average homeowner gains $150,000.00 in home equity to spend any way they choose. The problem isn’t how much we make, it’s where we choose to spend that money. Renters shovel tens of thousands of dollars away year-in and year-out. Would you like to turn your monthly payment into an investment for a change? Could you use an extra $150,000.00 in home equity cash? How about a couple of new cars, a vacation, or maybe a boat? Not to mention a college education for your children and a comfortable retirement for you. You and your family deserve that life, but you can bet it won’t happen renting forever.
Let me ask you something: How long have you been renting and how much equity have you built-up? Imagine if you had bought your home just five years ago: instead shelling-out $80,000.00 renting, you could very well be sitting on over $103,050.00 worth of home equity right now. Now just think if you had you bought about ten years ago, because then you could be sitting on $206,100.00 or more in home equity right now to spend any way you wanted. Could you use an extra $100,000.00 – $200,000.00 right now? And yet you would most likely have been able to right-off an additional $52,250.00 on your taxes. It’s obvious that even with Las Vegas home prices well off their peak, over time, home values here definitely go up. Now you see why more wealth has been made in real estate than in all other investments combined and why the average home owner has 60x the net worth of the average renter. That’s a 6000% increase in the net worth of the average homeowner vs. the average renter.
• Credit checks and credit bureaus: Eliminated!
• Conventional financing: Eliminated!
• Variable and adjustable rates: Eliminated!
• Immediate move-in – No waiting for months for loan applications to be denied.
• Super low down payment – Down payment a fraction of what bank’s charge
• Equity build-up – much faster than conventional financing.
• The amount applied toward your purchase each month is double or triple that of conventional mortgages.

Teresa Johnson
RentToOwn1 . com

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