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Rent to Own Homes is Back

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Rent to Own Homes is Back

Rent to Own Homes is Back. The problem with rent to own in the past is that:
1. You are limited to only a small handful of properties
2. You are only given one year to take the steps necessary to get a loan to buy the property (and it usually doesn’t work)
3. The value you originally negotiate with the home owner never stays the same so in a year you’re locked in.

When you participate in the new program where you can Rent To Own any home any where, your value is locked in for 6 years with very minor increases and you get to keep the equity if you sell it within a 6 year period.
If the value of the property drops, you can walk away with no penalty.

There’s lots of other good reasons to consider purchasing a home using this Rent to Own program.
Call for more details. 714-900-2710

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