Rent To Own Homes in Florence SC

Rent To Own Home Program is a resource for renters to purchase their next Florence home through the Rent to Own (RTO) solution ( lease option, lease with option to buy, option to buy, etc.).
We provide expertise, knowledge, and value to our customers through our proven Florence SC Rent To Own Home strategies. Lease purchases are essentially rental agreements with an option to buy the same property at pre-negotiated terms. You get to rent the home you will eventually buy. Let us show you why our Florence SC Rent To Own Home strategy is a win-win solution for buying a home.

Its best that you live in Florence SC for awhile so that you can find the best home for you. If you can’t quite get qualified to purchase a home, they can help you rent to own a home. With a lease option to buy, you will be able to build credit while renting, and have a percentage of your rent applied to the purchase price of the house.

Welcome to the city of Florence, South Carolina. This fair city has become a hub for industry, culture and finance among other things, making it an ideal place to build a life. One of the original townships in the area, Florence has a proud place in South Carolina’s history. From the revitalized Downtown Redevelopment District at the center of Florence, including Timrod Park where you’ll find many of the city’s first homes, to the new developments on the outskirts of town, you’re going to find there are plenty of homes for sale, rental and rent to own available in Florence.

Florence is more vibrant than ever! There is always something exciting to do or see. Whether it is taking in a show, enjoying an outdoor festival, attending a community class, or simply hanging out and enjoying Florence’s unique culture. It is the people that make Florence special. This is a place to work, live and call home.

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